Technology that will change document storage

In Back to the Future Part II, hero Marty McFly travels from his present-day 1985 to 30 years in the future – October 21, 2015 – to prevent his children from making decisions that would jeopardise his family. While in the future, 3D movies and fingerprint technology were correctly predicted in the film, things like the self-tying trainers and hover boards are not quite there yet.

It can be impossible to look into the future and see what new technologies will impact our lives in such dramatic ways. Think of the rise of the smart phone, apps that can track virtually every step of your life, a band worn around your wrist that tells you how much you slept last night. The speed of new technology is powering ahead like never before.

Document storage is also changing with continual advances in technology. Think digital records, cloud storage, digital mail for just a few. But what is the next big technology that will change document storage?

Here at Compu-Stor, we believe the next big thing for document storage isn’t built around technology, it’s built around what businesses need. And that’s access. Access to documents, images, spreadsheets and contracts regardless of if they are working in central office Melbourne or remotely from small town in Far North Queensland. For a business to be operating at its productive best, it is imperative that access to files be instantaneous and easy, as well as safe and secure.

Transforming data storage by making digital files easier to maintain and access while eliminating the threat of catastrophes that obliterate information, from blackouts to hard-drive failures is the future of document storage.

The simple process of document imaging and effective document storage and management can enormously lift office productivity by providing staff with access to business critical information at their fingertips with the ability to locate important information in seconds.

Converting paper-based information to electronically stored and managed images has a wide range of benefits for all businesses, including increasing productivity by reducing the time looking for files or documents and minimising the costs associated with hard copy storage, distribution, printing, and delivery.

All Compu-Stor customers have access to our easy to use, unique online records management system, CIMS. CIMS allows customers ultimate control of all records from any device – PC, tablet or smartphone, without the need for additional resources, software or infrastructure.

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