Instant Access – The speed you need to access your data

The development of digital technologies has resulted in the convenience of expanding knowledge. This access to at your fingertips data means businesses owners are able make business decision in almost real time, making a real impact on the business bottom line.

It’s a simple formula: Data = Information = Knowledge

The purpose of an information management system is the quick and economical retrieval of files. A robust information management system should offer instant access to all your records in a way that is easy to search and retrieve. Furthermore, a good system will also facilitate workflow and collaboration, with documents and information being able to be updated in real time by multiple users.

Compu-Stor customers have access to our easy to use, instant and real time online records management system, CIMS. CIMS, or Complete Information Management System, allows customers ultimate control of all their records from any device – PC, tablet or smartphone, without the need for additional resources, software or infrastructure. Customers can simply search this centralised system to retrieve the imaged file, removing the need for expensive internal IT systems and management.

Security advantages to using CIMS include:
– protected access;
– encrypted content and audit trails; and
– tracking of all user access and usage.

CIMS provides our customers will full management and document access not only throughout Australia but also around the world.

Access to CIMS has enhanced our customers’ capacity to access their own data, including viewing and editing storage details, viewing location details, creating work orders, viewing and creating schedules, viewing accounts and charges, nominating different users, and generating and printing reports.

All electronic files are stored at our own, highly secure data centre, giving customers the peace of mind that your information is not going overseas.