Why Australian businesses need to develop a culture of privacy and risk management

Speaking at an International Association of Privacy Professionals Australia and New Zealand (iaapANZ) seminar in Sydney, NSW Privacy Commissioner Doctor Elizabeth Coombs told delegates that some organisations she visits don’t see privacy as a high priority.

“More organisations in New South Wales need to establish a culture of privacy and risk management rather than ignoring the issue,” she told the delegates.

While Coombs conceded that people might see privacy management as one of the “driest subjects ever”, she pointed out that if organisations don’t know what information they have, there is “no chance” of managing it correctly.

Australian Privacy Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim agreed with Coombs’ comments.

“While the day-to-day responsibility for personal information and privacy may sit within various areas of the business, Pilgrim’s view is that responsibility for privacy governance sits with the CEO, executive, the board or management of any organisation,” he concluded.