Why operating as an independent innovator is so important for Compu-Stor

The Document Management Services industry is made up of four major companies that account for more than half of the industry and then smaller, non-incorporated companies such as Compu-Stor.

The reason for the dominance of these major players is not through outstanding customer service or security offers, it’s their aggressive strategy of buying smaller, innovative companies and swallowing up their customer base and technologies that is enabling them to grow.

The strength and force of the major companies could make it difficult for some smaller companies to remain competitive, however, innovation is the key to maintaining independence and this allows us to continue delivering for our customers’ needs.

Innovation and change are at the heart of Compu-Stor.  We look forward to see what’s coming next, and this continues to drive our business to develop new and innovative products. These products evolve new technologies and business practices and very quickly become essential business tools for our customers.

We don’t see innovation as a luxury, it’s a necessity.  It is essential to business growth, competitive advantage and survival. Compu-Stor invests time and money in ensuring that we are embracing the latest in technology and resources.