International Data Privacy Day – A Time to Highlight Importance of Privacy to Australian Businesses

Tomorrow is International Data Privacy Day, a day designed to raise awareness and promote privacy and data protection best practices.

The Australian and New Zealand National Association for Information Destruction (NAIDANZ) has used this opportunity to ask companies to reflect on whether they are sure their sensitive discarded information is being disposed of securely.

NAIDANZ Chairman Paul Hurst.

“People and organisations need to be as security conscious in the destruction of documents and records as they are in protecting them on their premises,” he said.

“Recent updates to the Australian Privacy Act have helped to highlight the legal implications and privacy responsibilities that companies and individuals have regarding the handling of sensitive information.”

With International Data Privacy Day 2016 being held tomorrow, Hurst said now is a good time to take stock of the measures and processes individuals and companies have in place to ensure secure information destruction.

The new digital ecosystem presents a wide range of complex security and privacy challenges. For a document and records management strategy to work, it needs to provide flexible, user-friendly ways to store and access records and data.

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