Why a document management system is superior to cloud storage

Understanding document management systems and its functions

While cloud storage is a method of storing information, the function of a document management system (DMS) is to deliver efficient and time sensitive access to information, allowing for files of any type to be stored and easily retrieved. Just like a filing cabinet can’t answer phones, cloud storage can’t truly manage your documents.

Document management system integration

A Document Management System is built to seamlessly integrate data capture, document storage, editing, workflow, and retention in a single platform. Electronic approval and signature tools provided by a DMS can enhance efficiency.

Customers can view and edit storage details, create work orders and generate reports, and view individual accounts and charges, all at the touch of a mouse.

A fully integrated document management system can save a business tens of thousands of dollars each year thanks to increased efficiency and reduced manual handling.

Facilitating workflow and collaboration through your document management system

A good information management system facilitates workflow and collaboration, where documents can be updated in real time by multiple users. Live reporting, searching and ordering are additional functions that help.

Document retention

A document management system has the capability to organise all documents, with edits and versions, into a clean, meticulously tracked records. Anything that needs to be accessed is easily locatable, and anything that has a timeline or expiration can be categorised accordingly.

Increase security

The permissions and limits granted to users are fully customisable in a DMS. Who has touched each document and what they did to it is logged to create an easy-to-follow audit trail.

No longer can Craig, the disgruntled office worker, take fun at deleting documents or moving them never to be found again and then feigning no knowledge when Jan needs to find the file.

Improve productivity with a Document Management System

If your daily operations in a business context revolve around your documents, having a DMS can vastly improve your productivity. 19.8% of business time is spent looking for the information and documents they need to do their job? (Source: Interact) That’s a fifth of business time wasted throughout inefficient communication.

Developed 100% in-house by records management specialists, Compu-Stor’s Complete Information Management system (CIMS) allows ultimate control of your records from PC, tablet or smartphone, with no need for additional resources, software or infrastructure costs.

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