Unlocking The Benefits of Digital Records

Unlocking the benefits of digital records

Australian businesses of all sizes are gradually relinquishing paper documents and filing cabinets and embracing the many benefits of digital information management.

It’s one thing to convert physical documents into digital form by having staff members scan documents and create digital versions of physical records to sit on a shared internal network or server within the business. But that’s just the start of transforming how you actually manage records in your business.

Merely scanning physical documents doesn’t ease the pain points of poor records management – you still need a structured system for storing and efficiently locating, accessing and sharing your now digital documents.

Indeed, it’s how you manage documents once they’re transitioned into a digital format that is the key to leveraging the efficiencies of digital records and digital information management solutions. 

Managing digital records

A common challenge for companies that have started the transition from physical to digital records is how to manage digital records. Unfortunately some businesses start transferring physical records into digital formats before thinking about how they will actually organise, store and efficiently manage their new digital records.

These companies are effectively left with a collection of digital records that carry many of the same burdens as the physical records they were seeking to free themselves of. Even digital records can be lost, stolen, hard to locate or accidentally disposed of if they are not systematically organised and managed.

This is where a third-party technology supplier can help by providing a whole of business information management solution that can organise and manage your digital records. At Compu-Stor, our Complete Information Management System (CIMS) is an industry leading proprietary online document management system that enables businesses to:

  • Smoothly transition from physical to digital records; and
  • Leverage the efficiencies and organisational benefits of digital records management.

Information management systems and digital records

Here are three key things to look out for when seeking an information management system to help with organising and managing digital records.

  • Efficient, secure access: Your new information management system needs to ensure multiple users can simultaneously log in and access the same documents. For security purposes, you also need the ability to monitor who has accessed which documents and when.
  • Flexibility: Being able to retrieve, view and edit documents at any time is critical. Look for a solution that lets you amend information quickly, as needed.
  • Scalability & customisation: Your business is constantly changing, and your information management system needs to evolve with your business. Find a system that can be customised with features, functions and security measures that meet the unique needs of your business.

CIMS: An innovative Australian solution for records management

Compu-Stor’s in-house, proprietary Complete Information Management System (CIMS) was developed by our own team of experts to create an online document management system that enables our customers easily manage their records at the touch of a button.

CIMS links electronic documents directly to the corresponding record information, enabling customers to log on, search for a file, and then instantly download it. This unique ability allows our customers to use one system to manage both their physical and electronic records without having to invest in any new hardware, software or IT personnel.

 Benefits of using CIMS to improve your records management

  • Self managed portal that allows for viewing, ordering, adding or arranging secure destruction of documents in one place
  • Multiple user access providing businesses the capability of simultaneous logins from any location or device
  • Easily search and view record information and scanned documents online at any time
  • Generate and download reports as well as view historical activity information to keep track of who is accessing what information

Compu-Stor has been providing information management solutions to businesses since 1987. If you would like to find out how your business can take full advantage of our CIMS offering, contact us on 1300 559 778 or email us at business-support@compu-stor.com.au