Why Businesses Choose Remote Storage Over In-House Document Storage

In-house record storage isn’t as popular today as it used to be, why? Simply because businesses today understand that the safety of their documents is critical to their business.

As businesses across Australia realise the importance of protecting their records against unforeseen external threats, and the fact that in-house storage isn’t convenient, remote storage has become an excellent option. Remote storage facilities managed by professional document storage companies offer immense benefits.

So why are businesses increasingly relying on remote storage over in-house document storage? Let’s explore.

Disaster Protection

What would happen if all your important files were destroyed in an unexpected natural disaster? Imagine the consequences and the costs to your business.

Natural disasters can happen at any time. Businesses that have survived a long time, at some point have commonly suffered a disastrous loss through unforeseen circumstances. A company that stores documents in-house is putting their business at risk. In the event of natural disasters such as floods and fires, records stored in places like attics, cupboards and basements are often highly exposed to the elements.

Your office or in-house storage facility will typically have minimal disaster protection. Most offices and on-site facilities are put together for the comfort of the work environment, with little regard for shelving, materials, security or protection from extreme conditions.

When you are looking to protect your documents from unforeseen disaster, remote storage offers the best solution. A professional remote storage facility has inbuilt fire suppression protection, pest and rodent control and state of the art security systems. Compu-Stor even offers environment and temperature controlled vaults for the stability and longevity of digital records. If a natural disaster strikes, a remote storage facility is the safest place your documents could be.

Security and Privacy

Personal records, financial files and client records are highly confidential. Undoubtedly, they demand the highest standards of privacy protection.

By storing your records in-house, you might think you are protecting sensitive information from external threats, but what about internal threats?

Document theft is a real threat to every business. If you thought your company doesn’t have to worry about document theft, think again.

Dishonest employees or employees who have gone rogue can be a significant security threat to the privacy and protection of classified business documents. Many businesses don’t store their critical client documents and records in highly secure areas that are strictly monitored and manned 24/7.

Businesses storing their documents on-site are putting themselves at risk merely by making their archives available to all of their employees. Storing documents off-site, in a remote highly secure facility prevents the risk of internal document theft by employees.

The chances of your documents being stolen from an offsite storage facility are negated by the facilities 24/7 monitoring and check in and check out procedures. A remote storage facility is closed off to the public with only authorised personnel able to access the facility.

If someone does attempt to break-in, they need to compete with monitored CCTV systems, motion sensors, barbed wire fences, electronic access controls, code-accessed gates, and cutting-edge monitoring and alarm systems.

Regulatory Compliance

Remote storage facilities are better than in-house storage when it comes to regulatory compliance. If a business does not store their documents per the retention laws and regulations of their industry, they open themselves to a litany of severe penalties and fines.

Huge Cost Savings

Remote storage facilities are highly cost-effective compared with in-house record management.

Why store your documents in-house and incur huge rental expenses when you can store them at an off-site facility much more economically. A remote storage facility has racking systems that optimise the space and storage density. Furthermore, they benefit from economies of scale which result in very low storage costs.

By relocating your documents to a remote facility, you free up expensive real estate in your office that gets used for more productive purposes.

Convenience and Efficiency

Many business owners assume that storing documents in their office is convenient compared with a remote facility, but when the time comes to retrieve a record without a strict digitised filing protocol, they realise that’s not the case.

Important tasks have to be put on hold when you have to dig through an array of cabinets to find the file. When it comes to retrieving records from a remote storage facility, it can’t get much more straightforward. At Compu-Stor every document is clearly labeled and digitally indexed via a strict labeling system that makes tracking down the document easy.

With our integrated document management solutions and barcode systems, we ensure that your records can be tracked effortlessly.

Your document inventory can be accessed online via a highly searchable, highly secure archive and we offer a same-day delivery service. Trained records management professionals retrieve your documents and can either hand-deliver them to your door or send a digital copy to your computer.

Finding and retrieving your documents is easy and quick with a remote storage facility.

Human Error

Human error poses a threat to the security of your confidential documents. If business documents are misplaced, it is the business that is liable?

Many organisations have faced immense consequences because they couldn’t find a document when they needed it, only to realise that one of their staff misplaced it. An archaic and ineffective filing system is often the cause of lost documentation that makes tracking down internal documents impossible. When sensitive and essential documents go missing, it’s necessary to identify which of your employees had accessed the document last. Without an effective records storage and retrieval system in place to determine who accessed and retrieved a document last becomes impossible.

At a remote storage facility, each document is labelled, indexed and tracked, eliminating the risk of human error. Compu-Stor’s online system also keeps a full history of each item, so you can see the dates and times of each order and movement, plus who requested it so you’ll always know where your records are.

Safeguard Your Documents with Compu-Store

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