Secure Document Storage: The Solution To Costly Data Breaches

We have all heard about the eye-twitching incident back in 2017 when Washington State University’s backup hard drive was stolen in an 8-by-10 self-storage locker located in Olympia. The burglary cost the prestigious university hundreds of thousands of dollars and the confidential information of 1,027,079 people. What and how much would this institution would have saved if it made use of a secure document storage facility?

A very valuable lesson was learned that day and businesses should know better than to keep their sensitive records in a storage locker with security made for old furniture and used mattresses. 

There is a clear distinction between safekeeping old supplies, dysfunctional tools, and storing sensitive information of your clients. Taking a few notes from the eye-opening lesson the university had learned the hard way, corporations should have a better document storage system.

Overlooked Risks of Not Utilizing a Secure Document Storage Facility

There are a lot of self-lock facilities offering a secure location for your storage needs. But just how secure are they? Generally, these self-lock storage units are a big no-no for document storage. These are of course, useful for storing cars, supplies, and other materials requiring little security. While it may appear convenient and may seem like a more cost-effective solution for you, in the end, it may just cost your company even more. What are these secure document storage facilities protecting you from?

Data Breaches

Learning from the data breach incident faced by the WSU, that cost them a whopping US$4.7 Million in damages, prudence is really not an option when looking for a place to secure your most valuable data. This utter disregard for the safekeeping of their client’s information did not just cost them a horrendous amount of money but also put the institution’s reputation in jeopardy. The stolen hard drive contained addresses; social security numbers, college admissions test scores, and other information that involves career and health data. 

It is no surprise that some people claimed they have experienced identity theft as a result of this unfortunate yet avoidable incident. If your business deals with credit card information, social security numbers or other sensitive data, it is important that you take extra safety measures to protect these records. If not, the efforts you put in creating a reputable company just goes to waste. Your customers’ loyalty will be put at stake and acquiring new customers will be twice as hard.

Natural Calamities

Nature can strike at any moment without notice. This is one of the reasons why you should assess and create a checklist of how your storage facility can withstand the inevitable wrath of Mother Nature. Is it safe against flooding? How about fire protection? And the most important consideration of all: a disaster recovery plan. Disasters are out of our hands but not having a plan in case this happens is all on us, being with a secure document storage provider like Compu-Stor takes care of all these for you. From a disaster recovery plan to data backup rotation service, you no longer have to sweat these small yet vital procedures.


In self-storage facilities, you don’t get the assurance you need to keep your most precious information. These facilities have minimum security and do not employ staff who are qualified to maintain confidentiality and security of your documents. Other than storing, your files go through different handling processes: Pick-up, Transport, Digitizing, Storage and when you need access to it after storage or require digital copy be securely sent to you. In all these processes, Compu-Stor guarantees that only staff with Federal Police Service clearance handles your information. A sigh of relief a self-lock facility can never offer.

Loss of data due to disorganized files

Cheaper options usually have no dividers or are not furnished with shelves and drawers for safe file keeping. The big storage spaces with little to no equipment may be ideal for keeping minimal files. If you have 5 categories, file boxes may serve a purpose. However, as you expand your business and acquire a thousand more records, organizing your files is definitely going to be a nightmare. Having secure document storage that has organizers combined with maximum security intact, gives your documents another necessary layer of protection.

Pest Attack

Stocking papers for a long time can result in termites and other pests taking over your files. Even if your files are locked away in safe storage, low maintenance document storage units are usually not taking pest prevention measures to keep your files safe. Climate control monitoring also plays an important role in ensuring these pests does not get to your most precious information.

Looking for the most secured document storage provider?

When dealing with your employee records, clients’ data, legal documentation or any other important company records, you can never be too secured. Be with a secure document storage solutions provider that eliminates all necessary risks and have backup plans in case the inevitable happens. Compu-Stor recognizes the sensitive nature of archives be it paper or digitized files. Therefore, it ensures their facilities are ready for everything. Be it flooding, fire-protection, disaster retrieval and a proactive approach in maintaining confidentiality in all the stages of the storage process. Ensure that your company’s most prized resource is with the right hands. Visit the Compu-Stor website today.