Remote Document Storage Solution’s Relevance in Today’s Tech Forward World

E-books, E-magazine, E-mail, E-banking, E-commerce just about everything nowadays are turned from atoms to Bits and this unstoppable transition is greatly lauded by the general population. First, it is more convenient as everything is now done through your mobile device, you don’t even need an actual laptop to pay your bills, get your daily dose of the news, or buy a new pair of shoes. In today’s digitised world, going to the supermarket, lining up in the bank or even meeting up with your Spanish tutor is now a thing in the past. Digital transformations are also known to contribute to the reduction of carbon footprint by less fuel and paper usage. Are physical documents slowly becoming irrelevant? If so, why are remote document storage facilities not just staying afloat but actually thriving in today’s business world? Let’s find out why.

Industries that benefit from Remote Document Storage Companies


Construction companies don’t only need to ensure they’re building a solid foundation and secure structure for whatever they are building, they have got to abide by strict government or local regulations as well. This means those oversized blueprints, building and construction permits, invoices, receipts, and other legal documentations have to be kept and secured for quite a period of time or their business will crumble.

Banking and Financial Services

These industries handle one of the most sensitive documents. From personal and financial information of their clients to promissory notes for loans and mortgage application, this industry is probably one of the most in need of a secure house for all their sensitive paper data. This industry would also greatly benefit from other services a document storage company offers such as data back up and recovery, Scan On Demand and even secure destruction and shredding of documents.


Schools and Universities are probably one of the highest users of paper document storage. They are required to keep everything from legal documentation, syllabi, calendar, archives, to sensitive student and faculty data information. These institutions would also greatly benefit from added services an offsite storage facility offers such as document imaging and digital transformation solutions to improve business efficiency and employee productivity.

Healthcare and Insurance Institutions

Security for these sensitive medical documents is only one of the primary concerns in healthcare and medical institutions. These pieces of information also need to be readily and easily accessible at any given time. Emergency situations are like breakfast conversations for these facilities and therefore easy and fast retrieval of patients’ medical history records are just as important as keeping these files secured.


This industry in its very nature deals with a lot of paperwork. Trials, litigations, even settlement agreements require a lot of printed pieces of evidence and legal documentation. The confidentiality of these documents is of utmost importance, therefore, the security and strict monitoring procedures conducted by remote document storage facilities are imperative to these firms.


Be it for the purposes of digital detox, the beauty of paperback or hardbound seen as an art, or a mere personal preference, the publishing industry is not backing down in today’s highly digital world. Despite the prevalence of eBooks, kindle, and other digital forms of written entertainment, the Australian retail book market reported its fourth year in a row of marginal growth.

As we move towards the world full of instants; it would only seem like paper documents have become obsolete but it is the total opposite of that. Almost every single industry has important paper documents to print, publish, or store. In today’s world where so many businesses are in the heart of the CBD and the rent per square metre has raised to horrendous amounts, it is a no brainer to partner up with a remote document storage facility. Other than being cost-effective a few of the main benefits of outsourcing your document storage requirements to an offsite storage facility are as follows: 

What remote document storage facilities have to offer?

Protection from Environmental Destruction

Document storage companies are designed to withstand major environmental hazards. Some essential features include fireproofing, flood protection and are equipped with a disaster recovery plan and temperature and humidity control areas for media storage.

Efficient Use of Office Space and Employee Billable Hours

Offsite storage helps eliminate unnecessary documents being stored in a prime real estate location where your business might be located. Enjoying document management solutions offered by these facilities such as digital imaging could also help lower overhead cost through less time spent by your highly capable employee finding documents with a click of a finger.

Security Guaranteed

Remote document storage facilities follow strict access controls coupled with 24/7 video surveillance and a highly advanced digital security system.

Circumvent Legal and Government Regulation Issues

Offsite storage facilities are often equipped with proper certification for quality assurance as well as all local and federal rules governing the proper storage of vital information. 

The Importance of Proper Document Storage and Management

Outsourcing the services of a document storage company improves business efficiencies and acts as your partners to reinvent business processes that go beyond secure physical storage. Compu-Stor is a 100% family-owned business and is now in 3 major cities in Australia – Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. The cornerstone of Compu-Stor’s success lies behind security and innovation. Following a strict security measure and local government regulation in every stage of storage as well as continually innovating its services to ensure all aspect of consumer storage concern is addressed. Get in touch with us today and leverage the various growth hacking services we offer.