Choosing an Offsite Document Storage Company in Perth: Important Considerations

Keeping and maintaining company records is legally required in Australia. According to the Australian Securities and Investment Commissions (ASIC), all businesses are required to keep records related to their business operations for up to seven years.  But given the physical space and additional employee labour costs, it can be a strain on your overheads. Luckily, Perth is booming with smart solutions aiming to help companies in storing important documents at a meager rate. You’ve surely stumbled upon the idea of partnering with an offsite document storage company in Perth. The next step is choosing which one fits your company needs best and learning if their process would increase business efficiency at a cost-effective rate.

Confused about where and what to look for in one? First things first:

Locally-owned and operated

Partnering with a locally-owned and operated offsite document storage company in Perth guarantees that the company knows your primary needs. Just because you will be needing an offsite facility doesn’t mean it needs to be physically distant. If you are operating in Perth, having offsite storage based in Perth means having easy access to your most important document whenever you need the physical document stat.

Compu-Stor, an Australian-owned company specialising in information management solutions has been helping businesses in Perth since 1987 by offering a wide range of records management and digitisation solutions. Compu-Stor services start from document delivery to digital transformation and Scan OnDemand. Depending on your needs, you can acquire your desired services tailor fit for your specific needs and preferences.


Some companies are having second thoughts about outsourcing the services of an offsite storage in Perth because of several concerns.

For instance, in case of urgent needs, they won’t have quick access to the document. Therefore, having your boxes of documents in-house is more convenient, right? Well, not quite! Keeping your documents in your office with no one to keep them organised can result in “finding a needle in a haystack” scenario. Not to mention the stressful process of retrieval as well as the inefficient use of time and employee resource. Partnering with experts on offsite document storage in Perth can make your life so much easier.

At Compu-Stor, urgent delivery requests are completed within 2 hours of request receipt for metropolitan Perth areas. Moreover, delivery orders received before 10:30 AM are delivered in the afternoon of the same day. There’s nothing to worry about when you partner with someone who values their customers and aspires to deliver quality service as promised.


Every customer is different and has unique information management requirements. At Compu-Stor, we take the time to understand your business so that we can recommend the most efficient solution to meet your requirements rather than applying a cookie-cutter approach. We have worked with businesses across a wide range of industries, including government, finance, legal, education, insolvency, healthcare, small business and many more.

All businesses generate records and many records are legal required to be held for a number of years. However, the way a business generates records and how they flow through the business is unique, so we have developed a suite of solutions that can be tailored to suit your business.

Compu-Stor Information Management Services

Having decades of experience in information management in Perth as well as Sydney and Melbourne, Compu-Stor has evolved to offering smart and flexible solutions to cater to businesses’ varying needs. The company has started with physical document storage services and embraced innovation to adapt to the ever-changing business landscape alongside digital transformation.

Discover how Compu-Stor helps businesses in Perth and two other major cities in Australia – Sydney and Melbourne thrive with agile information management solutions.

  • Document Storage – Compu-Stor offers exclusive offsite records management in Perth which varies from document delivery, information backup and recovery, secure storage facilities, and storage materials. 
    • Document Delivery – House your documents in a safe and secure offsite storage facility with the assurance of getting your urgent papers delivered in a reasonable timeframe.
    • Data Backup and Recovery – In the digital era where businesses are clinging to digitisation, it’s a careless move to not back up your files. Compu-Stor offers data backup and recovery services to ensure your file’s shelf life is extended to the day that they are still relevant and needed. Not to mention that it is mandatory under Australia’s rules and regulations for business compliance.
    • Compu-Stor’s purpose-built offsite storage facility in Perth has been constructed with reinforced concrete, gas suppression fire systems, secure swipe card access, and 24/7 monitored security alarms with a dedicated media vault featuring climate and humidity controls, dual air conditioning units and additional access restrictions.
    • Secure Storage Facilities – in addition to the security features mentioned above, Compu-Stor also makes sure that all our employees understand confidentiality. After a stringent staff selection, staffs are required to sign a deed of confidentiality and provide a national police clearance prior to beginning work to ensure and maintain the integrity of your documents.
  • Information Management – According to an article published by The Economist, data is the new most lucrative commodity today. But that doesn’t mean that data organisation and security should come at a hefty price. Offsite information management companies in Perth like Compu-Stor offers a range of solutions for entities who want quick and accurate access to data. Curious how it will affect your business?
    • Organised and Managed Database – in addition to packing, collecting and storing your documents, Compu-Stor can also catalogue your records so that you know exactly what files are in each box. This will allow your staff to easily search for and retrieve documents and identify what is ready for destruction.
    • Improved Collaboration – CIMS enables companies to leverage collaboration by allowing multiple users to access files simultaneously. In addition to that, live reporting, searching and ordering which results in increased productivity.
  • Trusty Offsite Document Storage in Perth – With hundreds of available Offsite Document Storage in Perth, it can be confusing which company suits your needs. It would always be a smart choice to partner up with someone who has years of experience and follows a set of values that guide them to deliver quality service, not only to their customers but also to the community.

Compu-Stor has been serving businesses in Perth as well as Sydney and Melbourne and organisations with smart and innovative information management solutions. Contact us to request a quote.