Why Partnering Up with a Document Storage Facility in Perth Could Be Your Best Business Decision Yet

Risks of in-house record storage

● Expensive – Maintaining in-house document storage can be costly. From the salary cost of the administrative staff to manage the storage room and records to the cost of the physical office space and system and facility maintenance, the costs can grow as your business grows. Opting to outsource an offsite data storage facility in Perth can save you money and allow your staff to be better resourced to other tasks within the business. 

● Uncontrolled damage risk – Natural calamities are unpredictable and we as humans can only do so much about it. While we cannot stop these things from happening, we can be prepared to control the potential damage. Specialised document storage facilities in Perth have measures and processes in place to protect your records from natural disasters and other emergencies. Before choosing your record storage partner, be sure to check their security features. There are some that offer fire-proof features and even climate control monitoring functions to give their customers’ papers ultimate protection.

● Time-consuming document retrieval – Scouring through thousands of papers can cause you a severe headache. More importantly, the time wasted for retrieval could be dedicated to more important business functions. Professional record storage suppliers can catalogue your records and will track their exact location so that they can deliver the exact file to you on request, saving you time and from accidentally picking the wrong file.

● Security risks – in-house document storage runs the risk of your records being accessed by someone with the wrong intentions. Company files need to be kept in a secure room to protect them from the possibility of intrusion and information leaks. 

Pros of partnering with a document storage facility in Perth

Partnering with an offsite data storage in Perth can alleviate these risks and provide further benefits, including:

● Specialised security – Specialised document storage facilities will have additional security measures and procedures to ensure the security of records in their care. Compu-Stor, one of the pioneering record storage in Perth, offers a state-of-the-art facility that includes CCTV and monitored alarm systems, full perimeter fencing with swipe access and intercoms at all entry points, security clearances and training for all employees to ensure that our customers’ records are protected from theft. 

● Protection from natural threats – Compu-Stor’s document storage facility has calamity-proof features that will shield your documents from unforeseen circumstances like fire, earthquake, even the unpredictable change in the climate. Additionally, we only store records so there is no risk of contamination from hazardous materials. 

● More organised document inventory – Taking the best care of your assets and having an organised document inventory can make an enormous improvement in the efficiency of your organisation. An organised document management system with a fast and easy retrieval process allows your team to work efficiently and demonstrates your organisation’s capabilities. 

● Increased productivity – Having mentioned above the significance of quick document access and retrieval, this all goes down to one valuable growth measure: increase in productivity. Saved time on records management, access, and retrieval is saved money for the company which can be allocated to research or investment for business growth. 

● Get the most out of your records – a professional document storage provider will have additional services to ensure that your organisation is getting the most out of your data. Compu-Stor has an end-to-end suite of services to assist with all stages of the document life cycle, from digital services to assist with the creation and workflow of a document, storage to ensure it’s safe keeping, data entry services to make it easy to identify and secure destruction services to ensure you aren’t keeping records longer than necessary. 

● Peace of Mind – Imagine having a document request from your client but you can’t find it in the filing cabinet because someone else has taken it. Partnering with a document storage provider in Perth like Compu-Stor will means that you will always be able to track down your files and be able to order it from the document storage facility for speedy delivery. Our document delivery and Scan OnDemand services mean that you can have a document or box delivered right to your door or computer whenever you require.

Finding a document storage facility in Perth that suits your business

Finding a partner document storage facility in Perth can alleviate problems related to unsystematic paper management and storage. At Compu-Stor, we aspire to help businesses in Perth reach their full potential by keeping the things that matter: your company documents. As a pioneer in information management in Perth, we offer a modern facility with trained staff to protect your documents from all possible disasters. Contact us to discover how your papers can last their optimal life span.