Is Your Business Ready for Offsite Document Storage?

Why do businesses in Melbourne invest in offsite document storage? More companies are now starting to realise the benefits of offsite storage to save company resources, improve employee productivity and document security and prevent “file overload”. Read on to learn how to determine if your business is ready to outsource to a remote storage facility in Melbourne.  Why do businesses in Melbourne invest in offsite document storage? More companies are now starting to realise the benefits of offsite storage to save company resources, improve employee productivity and document security and prevent “file overload”. Read on to learn how to determine if your business is ready to outsource to a remote storage facility in Melbourne. 

Running out of Office Space

By law, businesses need to keep several types of documents for at least seven years. Do you have enough space in your office to keep all your records? Do you have the appropriate office equipment for safe document storage?

Let’s take a quick look at some of the potential costs of onsite document storage:

  • Filing Cabinets – $100 to $1000 (depending on size and durability)
  • Filing Accessories (Folders, Magazine Trays, Boxes) – $3 to $30 per piece
  • Shelving Units – $80 to $1000 (depending on size and weight capacity)
  • Additional Office Space – $380 to $1025 monthly (depending on location)

Plus, there is the premium employee salary for timely document retrieval procedures. As the business grows, so does the volume of documents you need to file. Outsourcing to a remote storage facility in Melbourne will help your business to use your office space to improve employee satisfaction, for business expansion or other revenue-generating efforts.

Save valuable office space today. Don’t let documents take over your office space and disrupt business processes. Partnering with offsite document storage specialists in Melbourne free up office space at a fraction of the cost.

Privacy and Security Threats

Every business has data that needs to be protected, such as contracts, HR records, client information or invoices. Leaving important documents on your own premises can lead to security risks, including unauthorised access to files, mishandling of documents or unauthorised copying which may lead to document theft and information leaks, putting your business at risk.  

This was a nightmare come true for PageUp, an award-winning talent management software.  They have over 2 million active users across 190 countries, including major Australian companies and Australian Government departments. On May 23, 2018, they noticed an “unusual activity” in their IT infrastructure, exposing their clients’ sensitive information, including salary information, bank details, and tax numbers. Their major clients, including Medibank, Australian Red Cross, and Wesfarmers, immediately suspended all connections to their career portals.

Don’t let this happen to your company. Compu-Stor helps businesses in Melbourne securely store their most valued documents with the assistance of our offsite document storage solutions, eliminating security threats. 

Out with the Old Office, In with the New Office

A new business address offers fresh environment and great opportunity to kickstart a more efficient file management system. Whether you are initialising a new effort on paperless solutions or your new premise simply cannot take on the current stock of documents you have onsite, outsourcing offsite document storage is the perfect solution for you. 

No need to worry about dedicating space in your new office for document boxes and file cabinets. Save yourself the stress of transporting these files and worrying whether your files are secured during transport. By outsourcing your document storage needs when moving to a new office, you free up time for yourself and your employees to settle in and savour a fresh, clutter-free environment.

Regulatory Compliance

If your business involves collecting and storing the personal information of your clients, you have to comply with the Privacy Act 1988. It is an Australian law that regulates the management, storing, access, and correction of personal information about individuals.

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to protect your clients’ personal information from:

  • theft
  • misuse
  • interference
  • loss
  • unauthorised access
  • modification
  • disclosure

To guarantee the security of your clients’ data, it is best to reach out to an offsite document storage in Melbourne who is an expert in document storage, management as well as protection. Compu-Stor customers can have peace of mind knowing their documents are protected in a secure storage facility that protects their files from environmental risks, intrusions, and data breach.

Regular Office Facility not Ideal for Record Storage

Overall, a regular office facility just doesn’t make the cut for an ideal record storage solution. It opens up the possibility of the safety of your records being jeopardise by fire, natural calamity, pest, and temperature instability. Other than this, the security measure in a regular office facility does not put the security of your records on top priority. 

Protect your files from environmental hazards and security risks by contacting a remote storage facility in Melbourne. Have an expert who understands the value of your records and guarantee a safekeeping facility that could preserve your documents at its best state.

Secure Offsite Document Storage for Every Business in Melbourne

The safety and integrity of your data is important to us. Compu-Stor makes this possible with the help of the following security features:

  • CCTV cameras monitor all external and internal areas with alarm systems that are monitored by trusted security providers 24/7/365
  • Secure swipe card access at all entry points with intercom systems to control access
  • Full perimeter fencing which is locked down each day
  • Full network firewall to prevent unauthorised access to our electronic equipment with uninterrupted power supply units to ensure you can always access your records
  • All our employees must provide a full National Police Clearance and execute a Confidentiality Agreement prior to beginning work with us
  • Our facilities are located away from natural and man-made hazards and are fitted with long span racking and shelving. Records are never stored on the floor to avoid the risk of flood damage
  • Pest ingress is controlled by traps and deterrents which are managed by licensed, reputable pest control companies
  • Fire protection that includes sprinklers, occupant warning systems and alarms that connect to an external pump and tank system. Reputable fire alarm providers monitor these systems 24 hours a day and test our fire protection systems every month.
  • Separate, climate-controlled vaults for items of high sensitivity, delicacy and high security. For example, we store VHS tapes, CDs, 3480/3590 seismic tapes, DATs and even 9-track reels, as well as LTOs on purpose-built open shelving and within cases
  • Office area and amenities are separate to the storage and digitisation areas
  • No hazardous materials are stored so there is no risk of damage from chemical or other similar hazards
  • Staff manually inspect all incoming items to check for damage and ensure they are under weight limit restrictions

Document storage does not have to be complicated. Let the Compu-Stor experts help you make file management easy without sacrificing security. Reach out to our team today for a free professional consultation to see how we can help protect your records.