A walkthrough to Document Scanning Services in Sydney

In an ever competitive market in a global city like Sydney, going digital is inevitable. Most businesses are embracing digital evolution for basic and even complex processes and workflows and this transformation is unstoppable. Missing this opportunity means a loss for your business. Emerging markets demand more state of the art systems to keep up with the trend. One of the most common processes where businesses experience a beneficial digital practice is file storage. Document scanning services in Sydney are continuously on the rise because of the obvious efficiency and productivity benefits of having your files easily accessible by concerned parties even in multiple locations. Digital file storage leads to better data management, quick information access, and data security/protection. When going digital, the first thing that comes to mind is document imaging.

Document scanning these days is far from the 3-easy-steps of (1) File Preparation (2) Scanning and (3) File Organising and Management. The process has become more complex as it requires a few more essential steps to prepare for online storage. 

No idea where to start? We will guide you every step of the way to a seamless document scanning process that will soon change the way you do business.


A goal without a plan is just a wish. This speaks true especially if you are investing in digital infrastructure for the benefit of your company. Once you consider going digital, your company will undergo a massive cultural shift that might affect or change every aspect of your organisation.

Firstly, you should guarantee that employees who will be involved in this transformation will be armed with enough knowledge and skills to prepare them for the changes in the process. Some of your team members might worry about data security on sharing company information to a third party. It’s your responsibility to equip them with the right mindset to break down this idea and guard them with the necessary precaution when sharing vital information. Data, being the most in-demand commodity today, is prone to be accessed and used against a company. That’s why document scanning services in Sydney, just like Compu-Stor, ensure that they only hire employees with integrity and respect for confidentiality.

Secondly, you should identify which kind of documents you will be needing for document imaging. You might have a bulk of files. But let’s be honest, you know you won’t be needing all them in the near future, or yet, ever. Scanning all your existing files might cause a waste on cloud storage if not done wisely. Set a meeting with your team to discuss organisational matters like this. 

Thirdly, enlighten your company members and, ultimately, the big decision makers, on the benefits of acquiring document scanning services in expediting your daily process. You can divide the explanation into three parts: cost-efficiency, better and smoother business workflow, and more modern company culture.

Preparing Physical Files for Imaging

Assign the right people for preparing physical files for document scanning. They should have superb organisational skills to segregate files according to dates, types, and level of urgency and importance. Sometimes, you will need to assign multiple employees to handle this task. They will be the ones held accountable for this process and ensure the job will be done properly and accurately. 


Administrative employees and clerks can handle document scanning themselves. Once all documents are prepared and sorted out, scanning will be a breeze. However, companies especially those in business for decades have a mountain-full of files on their hands. In such a case, you might need to implement a smart document management scanning schedule. This would help your assigned staff to efficiently deal with volumes of documents with reference to which ones to prioritise. Going through this transformation is not easy, it might take days and may take a toll on some of your essential official workloads. In such case, it would be wiser to outsource document scanning services in Sydney who can take this load off your shoulders.


Right after scanning, you have to deal with file conversion and make them available in multiple formats. It would be an advantage if your office scanner has conversion features to save you time for manual conversion. Document scanning services in Sydney use state-of-the-art scanning devices that enable high-speed file conversion to save time and human effort. Additionally, these scanners ensure accuracy, preparing all files ready for indexing and easy categorisation.


Indexing is a crucial step for easier digital file retrieval in the future. This is a daunting and time-consuming step as you have to identify the right tags and keywords for each file. The indexed information needs to be programmed in your information management system to help you access your files conveniently in the future.


Categorising scanned files will test your organisational skills. The ultimate goal of doing this step is to be able to find any file stored in your company’s database or the cloud even if the file is almost a decade years old. 

First, you can create a folder for all your digital files. Having everything in one place helps you back up and archive your files easily. Consequently, you can have subfolders which will group each file per category. 

You can establish a conventional file naming system that your employees can follow. For example, payroll files can be named “Employee Name_June_2019_Payroll”. Additionally, you can create folders in a logical hierarchy so you won’t have to look at all the existing files available in your system.

File Management

Having files on your computer desktop is so 90’s. Using the cloud for digital file storage is preferred by most forward-thinking companies and organisations. Not only does it upgrade accessibility, it also boosts productivity and security. Not to mention, storing files on your desktop takes up memory that can slow down the performance of your computer. 

Partnering with document scanning services provider in Sydney that offers an information management system is also a viable solution for growing businesses looking to scale. First, it enables to share documents with key people within your organisation. Second, it is accessible anytime, anywhere. Lastly, having an outsourcing document imaging partner who is just a call away, can expedite your workflow in times of urgent file requirements. Looking at the bigger picture, you save time on the infrastructure while having an expert do the laborious tasks for your company. That’s an absolute win for you and your team.

Outsourcing document scanning services in Sydney

Scanning your documents in-house might seem easy if you have the right people. But as your organisation keeps growing and expanding, you will be dealing with lots of important documents sooner rather than later. And these papers would not only need imaging, but also meticulous organisation and management. Do not hesitate to ask for a helping hand. Sydney is booming with document scanning services that offer advanced document imaging processes. 

Compu-stor, an Information Management Solutions company based in Sydney, has years of experience in dealing with data by providing secure and cost-efficient services. Besides document scanning, Compu-stor also promotes their Complete Information Management System (CIMS) which lets you store your company information and retrieve files whenever you need them. The system is 100% fully developed by Compu-stor and is supported by advanced technology and security features to meet every company’s needs.

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