Secure Document Archiving Services in Sydney

At Compu-Stor, we provide secure and comprehensive document archiving services for businesses of all sizes in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Our information management services improve the efficiency and security of your records management processes. Our document archiving service provides a reliable and efficient way to store business documents that get rarely used, but must be retained to remain compliant.

Compu-Stor document management solutions eliminate common bottlenecks found in the typical office such as

  • delays in retrieving documents when you need them
  • delays in archiving and storing documents in an appropriate and compliant manner
  • Loss or damage to critical files and records
  • Loss of valuable office space that is taken up by filing cabinets

Compu-Stor’s document digitisation and Scan OnDemand services allow all your paper records to be made accessible via a secure online portal so they can be accessed from anywhere in the world. We also offer delivery services that upon request, we will deliver a specified document to your door.

If you are a business based in Sydney and find yourself out of the office or in some other part of Australia or the world, you can make use of our CIMS system to log in securely and quickly search and retrieve digital versions of documents at any time.

Today’s busy business environment requires having access to critical business records and assets quickly. Loss of business documents or delays in retrieving them is not an option. Scan On Demand is your answer to avoiding such problems. We only scan a document when you request it and deliver the digital file directly to you without delay. Scan OnDemand is a cost-effective system that allows businesses to store documents but also retrieve documents offsite whenever required.

At Compu-Stor, we take pride in providing reliable archiving services while building an excellent working relationship with our clients. Your needs and satisfaction are important to us, and we always strive to provide the best possible customer service. If you are looking for secure and affordable archive storage in Sydney, look no further. We will be happy to help your business. Talk to our information management experts today!