Have You Outgrown Your Office Space?

Offices don’t look like they used to a few decades ago. The most notable change is less paper and more computers. Computers have allowed many modern offices to be less dependent on paper, but the digital revolution has been accompanied by a compliance revolution, with far more regulation imposed on companies than ever was in the past. Keeping your company compliant these days requires ever-increasing diligence. Ensuring you remain compliant by not accidentally throwing away critical paperwork is a source of sleepless nights for many business owners.

As a result, even in the age of digital transformation, most companies are required to retain printed hardcopies of ledgers, training materials, business letters, business reports, transaction documents and many others. Hardcopy version of business documents going back several years are often required to keep a business compliant. As a result, many modern offices can quickly find documents occupying most of their valuable office space. Most premium-priced office space today is occupied in large part by rarely used or accessed, all be it precious documents.

If you have outgrown your office and its time to find a larger place, perhaps consider using a document storage service. Document storage is an inexpensive way to store documents and helps many offices become more compliant by providing faster, better access to their archived documents. Compu-Stor is a leading document management service provider with facilities in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne.

Why Use a Document Storage Service?

Let’s delve a little deeper into the benefits of utilising a document storage service;

A. Space-Saver: Yes, it saves plenty of valuable space in your office. Space that could be put to better use housing your workforce, equipment, or even creating a break out space for recreation and leisure. Keeping critical documents that are decades old offsite is a great way to free up space in your office.

B. Inexpensive: Calculating the cost spent on rent for the space reserved for archived documents will likely shock you. You can store documents far more affordably by utilising a document storage service. Compu-Stor offers cost-effective, highly-secure document storage facilities in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne. We have several purpose-built offsite document storage facilities that not only provide storage solutions but scanning and digital archiving solutions also.

C. Security: Document storage facilities provide a highly secure environment that is under 24-7-365 video surveillance. They provide peace of mind to business owners, knowing that their valuable documents are always secure, protected from damage and in a fire-safe environment.

D. Easy access: Every document stored with Compu-Stor is extremely accessible, well categorised, well packed and securely stored. A thoroughly tested archive system ensures that documents get easily located and dispatched, often on the same day as requested. Compu-Stor even offers a highly searchable online archive facility that makes your critical documents accessible in seconds from any place in the world. It is common to find massive savings on productivity and work hours in having document archiving and retrieval outsourced to a document storage facility.

E. Reduced Manpower: Document management is time-consuming. It requires effort, systems, knowledge and expertise. When your documents get stored with a professional storage company such as Compu-Stor, you ease the burden on your workforce, which leads to considerable wage cost savings.

Document storage services are a critical part of work-flow automation for any office, even in the digital age.