Inhouse vs Outsourced Digital Mailroom

Is constant innovation. COVID-19 it has made organisations restructure their everyday norm due to employees unable to attend the office and being forced to work from home. This leaves everyday tasks such as mail items still being delivered but no employee available to filter it. Mail is a very important part of all businesses and every business needs to ensure that it isn’t being displaced during this time of crisis. This is why it is the perfect time to consider a digital mailroom outsourcing solution that can be implemented quickly and improve your mail processing and document workflow.

Digital mailroom outsourcing is the digitisation of all incoming physical mail. Automating incoming mail processes allows your employees to be more efficient and focus on core tasks instead of sifting through endless mail. An effective digital mailroom solution involves document imaging, data capture and electronic file organisation and distribution of all your paper-based mail. A digital mailroom solution will make the processing of incoming documents faster and less prone to errors.

Through mailroom automation, a reputable service provider will convert your printed documents into high-quality digital files. But how is an in-house digital mailroom really different from an outsourced mailroom?

What Happens in Your In-house Digital Mailroom?

1.    The mail is received and sorted.

2.    The mail is distributed.

3.    The mail is opened and received.

4.    The mail is scanned and uploaded to your system.

5.    The information from the mail is entered into your system.

6.    The mail is completely processed.

How Does Digital Mailroom Outsourcing Work?

1.    The mail is received at a secure document management and scanning facility.

2.    The mail is opened, prepped, scanned, and indexed.

3.    The electronic data is sent to the recipient for digital review, approval, and processing.

Five Benefits of Outsourcing Digital Mailroom Services

Who doesn’t like to get things done in the most efficient way possible?

Through digital mailroom outsourcing, you will achieve just that! Your organisation will feel reduced or no storage fees, enhanced productivity, streamlined business processes, lower environmental impact, and more.

●     Saves More Time

Digital mailroom outsourcing services can help you to simplify your business processes. Your staff no longer have to worry about opening and organising every document they receive as it is already uploaded to your management system. With faster document retrieval, every team member will be able to access the information they need in real-time.

●     Lower Costs

With digital mailroom outsourcing, you get to save business resources as you pay for fewer paper expenses, staff salaries, and storage fees. As you invest in mailroom automation, your company will experience greater productivity with less manual labour. You can then redistribute your financial savings from this solution into other essential business activities or invest in other workflow automation systems.

●     Reduced Carbon Footprint

Transitioning to a digital mailroom setup means less need for paper. With a significant change in the volume of paper that you receive, you can better establish more eco-friendly habits. The digital mailroom outsourcing initiative will greatly affect your company’s environmental strategies.

  • Less Office Space Requirement

As you slowly shift to a more automated system, you’ll need less office space for storing your physical files and document scanning equipment. Not only will you have less need for expensive filing cabinets, but you will also save an area in your office that was originally meant to be a mailroom. You can then make better use of this allotted space.

  • Improved Work Efficiency

Increasing productivity and efficiency among your team are just two of the benefits of mailroom automation. Having less manual processes also result in lower risks of human error. A digital mailroom solution provides a significant boost in terms of sorting, storing, and sharing important information.

Additionally, this leads to the improvement of customer service. Your staff can easily respond to your consumers’ concerns without the need to browse through stacks of files.

Turn to DTS for Digital Mailroom Outsourcing Services

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