Compu-Stor’s Digital Imaging & Transformation Services

The latest technology in workflow automation is needed for businesses to recover from the adverse effects of the pandemic. The Australian government has recently implemented a digital transformation strategy which was introduced in 2018. The new agency aims to make government transactions easier and provide digital services that are tailored to Australians.

Workflow Automation Services to Incorporate to Your Current Business Processes

Digital Imaging Services

The ability to access company data in real-time is so important when many employees are now working from home.

Some of your vital records may only come in physical form. Digital copies of these files must be made in order to let employees perform their tasks efficiently. This is where digital imaging services come in. Digital imaging solutions involve scanning hard copy documents into a searchable digital form.

Along with easier file retrieval, digital imaging allows your company to customise the security settings of documents. Different access levels can be set for users to prevent or allow access to documents. This feature is especially useful for protecting confidential data that should not be available to everyone.

Document Management and Control Services

File-sharing, collaboration, and customer queries can be digitised for everyone’s convenience. Companies create a huge amount of data every day, so implementing a management and control process will hasten mundane daily tasks.

When digital transformation is done properly it will:

  • Create a more efficient workflow,
  • Enhanced security, and improved overall productivity.

When choosing an information management partner find a provider that manages both physical and digital records.

Accounts Payable Automation

Maintaining a close working relationship with your suppliers is essential to keep your business going. Accounts payable automation and processing your invoices and payments has never been easier. Digitising the accounts section of your business will reduce costs on manual tasks. Data entry can be automated, saving time and allowing staff to focus on more important tasks.  

Ensuring suppliers get paid correctly and on time with electronic audit trails will enhanced fraud detection.

Benefits of Workflow Automation to Your Business

Reduced Manual Document Handling

Increase the productivity of your staff’s efficiency by letting them focus on more important tasks. Workflow automation involves using software and hardware to automate processes that take too much of their time.

Sorting through mounds of documents, scanning them, and making them digital takes time and training. Outsourcing will eliminate all those steps and allow staff go straight to retrieving the file.

Fast and easy access to your data also fosters collaboration among your team members.

Enhanced Overall Customer Experience

Online shopping and customer support has enabled every consumer to do tasks with a few taps on their phone. Customers have become accustomed to getting quick answers to their queries and having access to reliable customer support.

Keeping customers satisfied using digital transformation can give you an advantage on the competition. Solutions like document management, cloud storage, and digital imaging services are great additions to automate your workflow and achieve customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Compu-Stor’s Workflow Automation and Digital Imaging Services?

For proof of Compu-Stor’s digital imaging credentials, turn to the, NSW Trustee & Guardian’s appointed provider of document management solutions. Our company consistently strives to provide impeccable digital transformation assistance and remarkable customer service to our clients. Schedule an appointment with one of our specialists today to learn more about how we can help your business!