How to Protect Your Business Records Management From COVID-19 Related Threats

According to the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), there have been large-scale COVID-19 themed SMS and email campaigns since March 2020.

The ACSC has also received more than 115 cybercrime reports from ordinary citizens and businesses.

The ACSC then recorded almost $130,000 of losses due to these scams and cyberattacks.

The Australian government noted that these incidents are experienced by institutions from different sectors, including government, health, and education institutions.

Document and Records Management Threats During the Pandemic

Unsafe File-Sharing and Collaboration

Companies have been forced to implemented a work-from-home setup to allow for business continuity during the pandemic. This requires company’s information management system to be migrated to digital platforms using records management software.

Almost all business activities and file-sharing among employees is done virtually. Utalising online file-sharing platforms poses a security risk via data breaches – especially if your personnel’s computer is not well-protected from virus and malware.

To stay safe from sophisticated digital threats, your company must invest in a state-of-the-artdocument and records management systems. Not only will it guarantee secure file-sharing and collaboration among your team, but it will also make the process of content management a lot faster and easier for all users.

In addition to insecure file-sharing platforms, efficiency and compliance, remote workers’ frequent use of social media and emails poses a security risks via malicious attachments and URLs, .

Malware and Ransomware Attacks

In its Security Endpoint Threat Report 2019[1], Microsoft announced that there are around 60,000 COVID-related phishing attempts made by hackers daily. Their data shows that the number of cyberattacks that succeeds is consistently increasing as well.

 Many employees have previously been working onsite and become used to corporate IT and technical experts managing records and online information. Now they are forced to learn new software and platforms due to the work-from-home setup.

These employees may also be unaware of security threats on the web. A safe digital document and records management platform is essential to keep your data safe from any form of cyber crime.

Due to the increasing amount of sensitive information about COVID-19 patients, many of these attacks are targeted towards healthcare institutions and hospitals. If your business operates in the medical sector, it is best to entrust your document management and records inventory storage requirements to a dependable service provider.

How to Avoid COVID-19-Related Data Risks

Observe a Record Retention Schedule

The proper disposal of documents and sensitive documents requiring retention is necessary to make sure that your document and records management practice is effective from start to finish.

With the help of knowledgeable professionals, you must put a record retention schedule in place that allows you to determine the life cycle and retention period necessary to remain compliant.

Record life is critical for compliance and audit trails so all employees know when they can safely get rid of your obsolete files.

Such a policy will also ensure you remain compliant with government regulations on business document storage and disposal.

Consult with Document And Records Management Specialists

From document storage of physical files to management of digital records, highly skilled document and records management specialists can assist you.

Since many businesses have recently adapted remote work for many employees, their security initiatives for ensuring safe online storage and business transactions must also be strengthened.

Speaking with information management professionals about your document and records management needs is important to devise a strategy that’s specifically tailored to your company.

Invest in a Complete Information Management System (CIMS)

Keeping your digital records secure does not have to be as difficult as you may think.

If you partner with a reputable company, you can take advantage of high-end document and records management systems.

The Complete Information Management System (CIMS), facilitates fast and secure file storage and retrieval of electronic records.

With CIMS, your remote employees can access your data securly in real-time, so they can accomplish their tasks and collaborate with other users efficiently.

As a full-service online document management system, the CIMS is consistently monitored by a dedicated team to ensure that it is up-to-date with new function upgrades and security features.

Outsource Your Document and Records Management Needs to Professionals at Compu-Stor

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