Why Mailroom Outsourcing Companies are so Popular

It’s the need for better processing efficiency that has made mailroom outsourcing companies almost a requirement for companies of all sizes. Start-ups can’t expend the capital to get their own mailroom. Medium-sized companies are rapidly growing and need to address the increase in mailroom communication and improve efficiency. Finally, large enterprises receive a vast amount of paperwork through their physical mailroom and will require faster, more accurate and efficient processing of all that mail. All of these issues get addressed by outsourcing services and mailroom management companies.

What’s Mailroom Outsourcing, and What Does It Really Do?

As the name suggests, what mailroom outsourcing companies do is ease the way a company handles and manages their mailroom. By scanning, data capture, opening and sorting, document management, and forwarding mail through email management solutions. The service can transform what was a once mainly paper-based process into a much more efficient digital mail solution. Instead of expending manpower to handle the mail, a company can turn its attention to high-value tasks and revenue-generating activities and reduce the costs of your mailroom.

How does outsourcing your mailroom work?

  • The mail management service receives your company’s mail at their secure mail centre. This guarantees the absolute safety and privacy of your company’s correspondences. Mail handling is done daily.
  • The service will then open the mail, prepare it and scan it.
  • Data from the scans will then be analysed so the important documents can be indexed appropriately. Incoming documents are also studied for quality control. At the same time, the system analyses to check if there is anything unusual in the mail that will require special attention.
  • The business process automation begins, with the information sent off to who it needs to get to. Incoming mail gets sent into the system, to the appropriate department.
  • The mail also gets scanned into a highly searchable platform hosted in a secure environment that can be accessed anywhere in the world by a smartphone, tablet or computer.

The Benefits that Make it So Popular

Mailroom outsourcing companies continue to innovate, providing lower cost and better automation which has lead to popularity boom. Digital mailrooms offer companies great benefits in multiple aspects, making the option incredibly popular among forward-thinking enterprises.

Expenses are reduced

  • Outsourcing your mailroom can save companies a lot more money. The savings on employment and office space are considerable but further cost savings come via improved efficacy, bundled security and compliance. The money saved can go back into investments and other areas of the company that can lead to more profit. Peace of mind is provided by knowing all your mail is handled by state-of-the-art software and email management solutions—all without having to purchase and maintain these apps in your office.

Provides a customer service boost

  • The improved efficiency means faster turnaround times. Clients and customers would no longer have to wait to receive the correspondences and communication they might be waiting for. Processes get sorted, approved, and moves faster when you are dealing with fewer paper documents. Timesaving gained through automation provide your company the time to focus on customers, giving them the essential service they need.

Safety and security are enhanced

  • Handling mail and document processing require must be done securely, compliantly and in accordance with privacy laws. Mailroom outsourcing companies are required to operate in a highly secure facility and in a risk-free environment. Mail received at a mail center will be in far less danger than correspondence received at your front desk or mailroom where anyone might happen to glance at it or even pick it up unknowingly.

Take control of how you do mail

  • Business is all about speed, staying on top of the game. Using the traditional manual mail processing method will leave you waiting. The internal processing mail, sending, travel to your client or vice versa can lead to days of delay. Business looks for the fastest, most effective method to stay ahead of the competition. By outsource mail management, you’ll know when your mail is getting sent out, track it, and even know exactly when the mail gets back to who you’ve sent it to.

More space, more automation = more work done

  • Let’s say you’re a law firm, handling a considerable amount of correspondence and paperwork per day. All of this mail can pile up and take up unnecessary space; not to mention the area it would take to store and handle these documents. Mail management services keep all the mail from crowding the office and free up much-needed office space.

Mailroom outsourcing companies are gaining more traction in industries throughout the world. With all the benefits and conveniences they offer, coupled with the excellent security and efficiency, it’s the new frontier in handling mail. Visit Compu-Stor to find out more about Digital Mailroom solutions and other digital transformations services we offer to growth hack your business today.