A Guide to Document Archive Solutions & Storage

Before employees go back to the office, it’s essential to create a conducive workplace where social distancing is observed. To maximise every square footage of your workplace and ensure your team’s safety, the entire floor must be strategically positioned. But how will you create enough space if there are too many boxes and filing cabinets lying around?

It could be the perfect time to outsource archive storage solutions to a reputable service provider!

Why Invest in Professional Archive Storage for digital files and paper documents?

  • Professional Handling of Your Files

Sorting through stacks of papers can be time consuming and exhausting. Leave the tedious task to the records management experts.

Professionals can help you audit your business documents and determine an appropriate retention schedule. Utilising CIMS, Compu-Stor’s document management system will allow you to leverage digital imaging to better manage and access your records.

  • Space Saving for Your Office

With so many employees working remotely these days, it’s a great time to revamp your office to maximise space. Optimise every square foot of your office by relocating your document storage services.

Don’t let storage boxes and filing cabinets get in your way of having a more productive working environment.

  • Affordable Document Storage Fees

More than just saving office space, opting to outsource your archive storage saves you money.

Outsourcing archive storage will improve the security and accessibility of your critical business records. Our document management software and data backup solutions protect your business from theft and disasters like flood and fire.

We ensure that your files are kept in optimum conditions to prevent mould, dust, and other pollutants.

  • Easily Accessible Documents

In the information age, fast data retrieval is necessary for every line of business. Turn paper records into digital documents that your team can access anytime via their laptop or mobile apps.

CIMS, our online document management solution, allows employees to search and find documents with ease. This process reduces the manual labour required to archive data and physical records.

Outsourcing your archive storage can lead to better customer service and enhanced productivity inside the office.

  • Legal Compliance With Archive Storage Policies

Companies are obliged to retain records and failure to do so can have extreme concecences. Handling sensitive customer information and destroying obsolete records are part of the process needed to remain compliant with your industries regulations.

When you seek the assistance of a reliable service provider, keeping compliant is virtually taken care of for you.

Rely on Compu-Stor’s Premium Archive Storage Solutions

For sustainable and cost-effective records management services in Australia, Compu-Stor is the name to trust. We have been assisting businesses from different sectors since 1987. Speak with our information management experts today to learn more about us and the work we do.