Compu-Stor’s Charities of Choice

Compu-Stor Records Management is proud to throw our support behind two great charities throughout every year, YGAP and the St Vincent de Paul Society CEO SleepOut.


YGAP is a not-for-profit organisation aiming to inspire social change across Australia, Asia and Africa through creative fundraising projects and innovative social enterprises.  In 2012, YGAP launched their 5cent campaign to collect five-cent coins over the five weeks in May.  Over a million coins were collected across Australia, raising over $50,000 towards projects geared towards lessening the effects of poverty in Australia, Ghana, Rwanda, Bangladesh and Cambodia.

In May 2013, Compu-Stor announced that we would be supporting the 5cent campaign by donating 5 cents from every archive box that we sell.  Jeremy Manford, Compu-Stor’s Melbourne Director, travelled to Rwanda with the YGAP volunteer field trip team in August 2013 to see first-hand how our donations are helping.

Compu-Stor will be throwing our support behind this great campaign again in 2014, and we have created mini donations boxes so that our supporters can collect five cent pieces to help us continue to impact the lives of young people in disadvantaged communities around the world.  Place one of these boxes in your office, and we will collect them when they are full and deposit the money directly to YGAP.

If you would like us to drop some collection boxes to you to use around your office, email or call us on 1300 559 778.