Examining the value of document storage for your business

Regardless of size, for many businesses and government entities it can be quite difficult to manage large volumes of paperwork in an organised and planned way to enable security and ease of access.

If you are in an office that relies heavily on physical paperwork, you will find it is quite easy to misfile or misplace documents, which can be a costly problem to have.

According to Price waterhouse Coopers, finding a lost document can potentially cost a company $122 per document in terms of downtime and lost billings. With that, they have also estimated that 7.5% of all company documents are completely lost. Now, let’s assume your company works with 10,000 documents – an extremely light figure – that means 750 of those documents will never be found again, and will ultimately cost your company $91,500 . Suddenly those 750 missing documents are more than just lost pieces of paper.

Case Study: City of Mandurah

The Problem

The city of Mandurah wanted to digitise their records for ease of access by staff, and to reduce the time and cost it incurred locating and copying relevant information.

The Solution

With over 30 years’ experience in working with LGA’s, Compu-Stor chose to approach this transition in a way that would enable staff to get use to the system, but not impact their workflow.

Starting with an initial trial period where archived files were stored off-site, Compu-Stor digitized the records using our On Demand Scanning service. Following the trial period, the City of Mandurah sent through all their records to our storage facilities, where all documents are now scanned and stored in our Complete Information Management System (CIMS) , allowing the City of Mandurah to view them online when they wish.

The Outcome

Due to their outer metropolitan location, the costs associated with retrieving records manually was a key deciding factor to continue with our service.

Compu-Stor’s On Demand Scanning allowed for their records to be available to staff electronically, eliminating the hurdle of distance, as well as wasting time searching filing cabinets.

Compu-Stor’s On Demand Scanning is the perfect solution for any business wanting a more streamlined work solution.