Newly published ISO 15489-1: Record Management Support for Australian Business

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) recently released new International Standards for record management. The need for the updated ISO is to address the rise of digital content and our increasing reliance on it and how it changes the way we manage our records. As an industry leader in developing record management solutions for a wide range of corporations across different industry sectors, Compu-Stor actively ensure our systems are designed to ensure records are made and kept properly, resulting in a range of business-enhancing benefits.

What is ISO?
ISO 15489-1:2016 defines the concepts and principles from which approaches to the creation, capture and management of records are developed. It is applicable in all types of business and technological environments.

Why is updating the ISO to tackle new digital records important?
The new ISO 15489-1 was developed because:

  • It’s been over 10 years since the ISO was updated, during which a huge digital shift has occurred
  • In a changing digital landscape, a new robust set of concepts and principles are needed to underpin new approaches
  • Stakeholders have higher expectations for information security in a digital age

What are some key points in ISO 15489-1?
The ISO 15489-1 is a framework for businesses to:

  • Create and capture records to meet requirements for evidence of business activity
  • Take appropriate action to protect the authenticity, reliability, integrity and usability of records, as well as their business context, and to identify requirements for their management over time

Which sectors are affected by the ISO?
ISO 15489-1 is relevant to a wide range of sectors as record keeping underpins corporate activity and the delivery of government services.

How is my business affected?
In a changing records management landscape, having the right infrastructure in place is important to ensure the security of your information, as well as increase efficiency and productivity.

It is important to check: does your business have systems that meet all industry regulations and compliance requirements?

If you’re unsure, talk to Compu-Stor today. We develop tailored record management solutions for each client and will craft a solution that best serves your specific needs taking into account the bigger picture.