Product Spotlight: On Demand Scanning

The average office worker uses a staggering 10,000 sheets of copy paper every year. Each four-drawer file cabinet in an office holds up to 12,000 documents, takes up to 9 square feet of floor space and costs $1,500 per year. Every 12 filing cabinets require an additional employee to maintain these records, according to US based association, the Paperless Project.

Today’s competitive business environment demands that people have timely access to their most critical files and records that can be essential to business success. Loss of these documents or delays in retrieving them is not an option.
While digitising documents in order to store, find and retrieve are a cornerstone of good records management, it is also true that not every business document needs to be kept as a digital record.

On Demand Scanning is the answer. As the name sounds, we only scan it when you need it and deliver the digital file directly to you with no delay. This cost-effective capture on demand solution can be ideal for businesses who want to ensure they have a records management and retrieval system in place, but who don’t need access to every document they create.Compu-Stor provides a number of online storage solutions, including integrated solutions such as linking imaged (scanned) documents directly to our Complete Information Management System (CIMS).

A great benefit to the Compu-Stor CIMS is that customers can search a centralised database to retrieve their imaged files, removing the need for expensive internal IT systems and management. Another layer of this system is security. Advantages include protected access, encrypted content and audit trails, meaning you can track all user access and usage.

Here are some more statistics on the reliance of paper in the office and for Australian businesses who only need access to some of the files some of the time.

  • A typical employee spends 30-40% of his time looking for information locked in email and filing cabinets – filing costs average about $20 per month.
  • The average document is copied 9 to 11 times and every 12 filing cabinets require an additional employee to maintain.
  • Each misfiled document costs $125. Each lost document cost $350 to $700 – large organisations lose a document every 12 seconds.
  • Paper in the average business grows by 22% a year, meaning your paper will double in 3.3 years

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