The path to digital records and why it will help your disaster recovery plan

Last month National Preparedness Month was a timely reminder from US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to plan ahead, creating emergency plans for a time that a disaster may hit.[1]

According to the agency, surviving the storm is just the first step. Getting back to business is often a harder challenge.

Some disasters, like a hurricane, give you time to collect important items before you flee. Others, like a fire, offer no warning whatsoever.

You’ve got enough on your mind when evacuating in the wake of a natural disaster. The last thing you’re thinking about is about what business documents and archives your business may loose and how to recover it.

Fire and water can potentially wipe out an entire company history, leaving that organisation with a huge gap in their ability to produce and refer to historical files.

While most companies are making efforts to digitise records as much as possible, it is still likely that businesses will have physical documents required to be kept.

As a full service outsource record management company, Compu-Stor can offer a solution for both digitising records and storage physical records, a combination that is attractive to many Australian businesses.

Contact Compu-Stor today to talk about a total information management solution that an include moving towards a digital management system but that can also cater for legacy paper-based archive storage requirements.