WA Business Dynasty – Compu-stor moves with the times

Compu-Stor was recently honoured to be the focus of a feature article in Business News WA Nov-Dec 2016 edition. The article looks back at the history of Compu-Stor while looking forward to new products and services.

Excerpt from the article – Compu-stor moves with the times Business News December 2016

The Compu-stor business has changed substantially since it was established, and is continuing to evolve.

The core business was physical document storage, and added to that have been services such as document destruction and pallet storage.

The biggest change has been the move to digital imaging.

“We’ve become a digital storage business as well as a physical storage business, which has been a big change,” Robert Manford said.

“We don’t need a customer to have physical records to be a provider for them.”

Jeremy said a big focus was helping customers understand how they could use new technology to improve their business efficiency.

“We’re now working with the customers, to understand what they do with their information and what the records are needed for,” he said.

“It’s really now around business processes, to understand how our business can help them.”

Compu-stor moves with the times Business News December 2016