Why outsource your document storage?

When it comes to document storage, it’s not uncommon for Australian businesses to want to manage it in-house, believing this is the best way to save time and money.

However, it has been proven that outsourcing your document storage is actually more cost effective, and efficient than keeping it in-house. How?


Every single person has their own way of filing, and if you have several different people responsible for handling and organising files, you will very quickly find there are several different filing methods being used in the one work place. With an external document storage company, there will already be a standard system in place that is deployed across all customers, making the retrieval of requested files and documents far more efficient.


One of the biggest costs associated with in-house document storage is not the cost of keeping it on premises, but the cost of time wasted trying to locate documents. The last thing your business needs is someone searching through filing cabinets and storage rooms trying to find important documents and files. With a third party provider, their meticulous filing and storage systems will help you retrieve your document in a matter of hours, not days, saving you money on time spent searching.


When you must keep legal business records and financial documents for at least seven years, storing them in a dark, damp and airless room is probably not the best idea to ensure longevity. Businesses that specialise in document storage such as Compu-Stor have custom-built facilities that are climate controlled, and designed in a way that should a disaster (natural or otherwise) occur, your documents will be safe.


Compu-Stor take document security seriously, with storage facilities offering the highest level of security. Our facilities are fully fenced-in and secured with intercom, security cameras (24-hour surveillance) and gated entrance with checkpoints along the main driveway.

Compu-Stor takes document storage very seriously. We understand the importance of your documents and what it takes to keep that information safe, secure and at the ready for when you need it. So, the next time you are staring at your army of filing cabinets and storage boxes with a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach, call us on 1300 559 778, or complete our online enquiry form.