Why self-storage units are not a records management solution?

A timely reminder as to why your business information and customer records need to be held secure and safe has come from US recently with a Doctor’s self-lock storage unit broken into and more than 1,000 media records stolen. These most personal records were subsequently sold by the thieves, undermining patients trust in the Doctor and leaving them feeling vulnerable and exposed.

Self-lock storage units are a popular storage solution in Australia, but should not be used for records management due to the real risk of this information being stolen, as in the US example, or destroyed while in storage by rodents, rising water or other possible natural elements.

The safety of your records is of paramount importance to us. When you entrust us with your information, you can rest assured that it is being cared for in the right manner to meet your needs and privacy obligations.

Compu-Stor protect your records from environmental risks, and provide complete security by reinforced 2.5m fencing, security gates, CCTV and restricted swipe card access.

All Compu-Stor employees must comply with our stringent security requirements that include signing a deed of confidentiality at time of recruitment.

Our staff selection criteria states that all applicants regardless of their position must obtain a Federal Police Service clearance prior to recruitment. Employees are thoroughly trained in all aspects of privacy and confidentiality regarding data protection. We have in place a privacy policy which properly addresses the principles of the Australian Government privacy legislation.