How Records Managers can keep up with changing information management demands?

New demands on how businesses are required to document, manage, and access records and sensitive business information is placing new pressure on the skills needed by professional records managers to deliver on their businesses information management needs. This includes ensuring the right level of compliance and confidentiality as well as ensuring information can be easily accessed by the right person when required.

Long gone are the days of information management being a bullet point on a long job description, hidden beneath a range of administration duties that all take precedence over records management. Record Management is a clearly defined role that holds and important place in large organisations.

Access to accurate records for operational and strategic reasons is too important for businesses, as professional, accountable and reliable records management can enhance your overall productivity, efficiency and security. Information management is a powerful business tool.

Information Management as a powerful business tool

An overseas report, What will it take to be a NextGen InfoPro, has found that “NextGen information professionals need to be in a constant state of educating themselves on the latest technology developments and how they impact their organization. They must be prepared to leverage their subject matter expertise, and present their opinions about technology, data analytics, metadata management, security, privacy and more, to senior management, business managers, and project teams.

Information management and records security is too important to be overlooked. Record information management professionals need to be in a constant state of change, continually updating and upgrading their skillset to meet the changing face of technology. No longer is the role just around keeping information and meeting with compliance and security requirements, it is also important to ensure that information is available in ways that are beneficial for the business as well as adding a layer or analysis of the data and insight.  

In a big data world, it’s important to know what we want from the data, and records managers are well positioned to help their businesses use the data to help drive the business forward.

What is the role of a Records Manager?

A Records Manager is largely responsible for the holistic information management system of an organisation, for the effective and appropriate management of business records from their creation right through to their eventual disposal.

 This includes a continual ongoing awareness of information management best practices and ensuring processes and systems are in place to meet these. For a records manager, understanding of records management legislative requirements in imperative as is an ability to analyse records management information, identify trends, undertake compliance audits and provide insightful reporting.

Key responsibilities of Records Managers in today’s big-data information management era

  • Identify the most appropriate records management resources;
  • Design and develop business classification schemes to ensure timely and relevant retrieval;
  • Establish retention and disposal schedules in line with compliance and regulation;
  • Develop and advise on new records management policies;
  • Use data to identify trends and provide analysis of trends to senior management;
  • Manage the changeover from paper to electronic records management systems; and
  • Ensure compliance with relevant legislation and regulations.

Choosing the right Information Management partner

Partnering with a Record Information Management expert such as Compu-Stor ensures your business is always ahead of changes in technology, compliance and confidentiality. Compu-Stor offers more than just being a storage holder for your files. We work with you to build a robust records management system that will help protect your business.

When choosing an information management company, it is important to evaluate which provider has the ability to deliver the best solution for your business.

Compu-Stor is a 100% Australian owned and operated family business specialising in information management since 1987. We pride ourselves in providing confidential, secure and reliable services to clients Australia-wide. Our services are supported with first-class storage facilities, giving our clients peace of mind.

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