Product Spotlight: Document Scanning

The simple process of document imaging, or document scanning, combined with effective document storage and management can enormously lift office productivity by providing staff with access to business-critical information at their fingertips with the ability to locate important information in seconds.

Document scanning to convert paper-based information to electronically stored and managed images has a wide range of benefits for all businesses, including increasing productivity by reducing the time looking for files or documents and minimising the costs associated with hard copy storage, distribution, printing, and delivery.

Why document scanning is good business practice

Research and surveys have shown that thirty percent of the workday is spent searching for files. [1] That’s one and a half days a week searching for files, or 78 workdays every year spent looking for paper around the office. Just think what more could be achieved around the office and for our customers by getting all that time back.

Did you know that ninety percent of documents handled daily in the workplace are still on paper, and paper can be lost, misplaced, misfiled and mishandled?

Benefits of document imaging for effective records management

Aside from a more efficient and timely manner in which to access stored documents and information, document imaging and document storage also enables companies to set security access for the more important information. Various levels of access can be created for digital documents, ensuring confidential documents are not accessed by those who shouldn’t have access, or fall into the wrong hands.

  • Converting paper-based information to electronically stored and managed images has a wide range of benefits for all businesses.
  • Increasing productivity by reducing time spent looking for files or documents, minimising the costs associated with hard copy storage, distribution, printing and delivery
  • Preserve the life of fragile paper records by stopping constant handling
  • Gain instant access to highly searchable data with online archives of your documents
  • Comply with security regulations and best practices
  • The data protection offered by scanning paper documents into digital files extends beyond just preserving sensitive, aging documents.

Access your scanned documents anywhere, anytime

All Compu-Stor customers have access to our easy to use, unique online records management system, CIMS. CIMS allows customers ultimate control of all records from any device – PC, tablet or smartphone, without the need for additional resources, software or infrastructure.

Customers can view and edit storage details, create work orders, generate reports and view individual accounts and charges all at the click of a mouse or the swipe of a finger.

Many businesses have also used our document imaging services as a means of disaster recovery planning. Compu-Stor can help safeguard the welfare of your business by generating digital backups of your most valuable documents. Digitising your documents also reduces paper pushing and saves office space, as well as improving business efficiency.

Creating records, storing records and information are a necessary and critical part of business, and the way companies manage this function can help streamline business practice or see staff endlessly searching for the illusive lost file. Contact Compu-Stor today to talk to an expert about our document scanning / document imaging services to digitize your business records.