Why document destruction is so important?

It has been revealed that the Commonwealth Bank lost the personal banking statements of almost 20 million customers, making it one of the largest financial services privacy breaches ever to occur in Australia.[1]

The statements, containing customers’ names, addresses, account numbers and transaction details from 2000 to 2016, were stored on two magnetic tapes which were supposed to be destroyed by a sub-contractor last year after the decommissioning of a data centre.

Privacy and confidentiality are more important than ever before. The secure disposal of your sensitive business information and material is vital.

Ensuring your company’s documents are disposed of by a professional document destruction company reduces the risk of identity theft, and meets compliance standards.

Compu-Stor offers secure, end-to-end record management and destruction solutions whereby we can collect documents directly from your office to be destroyed or destroy those already in offsite storage. Our stringent destruction procedure requires all requests to be made in writing and those requests to then be signed by an authorised representative prior to the work order being processed. All items held in storage may be allocated with a destruction review date, and reports providing details of items due for destruction are available. We also provide Certificates of Destruction upon request and confidentiality of all items is guaranteed.

The safety of your records is of paramount importance to us. When you entrust us with your information, you can rest assured that it is being cared for in the right manner to meet your needs and privacy obligations.

Image Credit: ABC

[1] https://www.buzzfeed.com/paulfarrell/australias-largest-bank-lost-the-personal-financial?utm_term=.hcBbzZglR#.qe1vwKBN7