Why Offsite Document Storage is Critical in a Remote Working World

Many businesses have decidedthat their employees don’t have to return to the office.

They have sighted many advantages as to why they are happy to continue with remote working. Results have shown an increase in productivity by up to 40%. Staff members seem more engaged and are taking fewer sick days. Most importantly, it’s decreasing turnover and requiring less recruitment drives.

However, changing to a WFH model also requires other operational adjustments. For example, if you’re reducing your office space, you will need to consider what to do with your document storage. Thankfully, there is a solution that exists today and can complement hybrid and remote working models.

The Risks of Outdated Document Storage Practices

Managing records and sensitive information comes with a lot of responsibility. There are severe consequences for data mismanagement that can have long-term implications for a business.

Keeping physical records leaves companies open to compliance breaches. Especially if they’re kept out in the open in storage boxes. It means anyone in the company can access these documents. They’re also vulnerable to environmental elements as well as disasters like fire or flooding. In a worst-case scenario, they could be stolen.

The Benefits of Offsite Document Storage

When utilising an offsite document storage partner, you relieve yourself of many of these risks. There is a significant reduction in the risk of fines and penalties as they utilise best practices and comply with the latest standards and procedures.

You also reduce the risk of loss or theft. As the files are digitised, they are unlikely to get destroyed unless it’s to meet the relevant privacy laws and regulations. It also means you have immediate access to them and don’t need to search through boxes for the information you need manually.

How Offsite Document Storage Supports Remote Working

From a hybrid or WFH perspective, offsite document storage seamlessly integrates with these operating models. The relevant staff members have easier access to records and can fulfil requests for information faster.

It leads to better collaboration and increased productivity. Less time is spent searching for the relevant records and more on high-value tasks. When audits are scheduled, data can be retrieved at a moment’s notice and provided securely without leaving the home office.

How You Can Get Started

Hybrid and remote working requires more than setting up staff members at home. It involves changes within your organization as to how you manage employee and customer records. Fortunately, there are many cost-savings and benefits that make the decision to engage an offsite document storage partner an easy one. Want expert advice on offsite document storage? Compu-Stor is an Australian owned family business specializing in information and records management solutions and services. From document, media & data storage to digital scanning, business process automation and consulting services, Compu-Stor provides a wide range of solutions using the latest technologies & methodologies to deliver secure & efficient services.

Through its Digital Transformation Solutions, Compu-Stor helps maximize the accessibility and flow of information within organizations. With offices across Australia, Compu-Stor works with its customers to provide cost-effective solutions tailored to their needs.

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