Compu-Stor win the 2022 Family Business Excellence Award

Compu-Stor win the 2022 Family Business Excellence Award

Compu-Stor have recently been awarded the 2022 Western Australian Family Business Excellence Award for the Medium Business Category.


Compu-Stor is delighted to have received this recognition and that our efforts to service our customers for records and information management were acknowledged.


The Family Business Excellence Award acknowledges and showcases excellence in family businesses.

The Family Business Excellence Award process takes into account that family businesses differ from each other just as non-family businesses do, and behave differently according to how long they have been established, how large they are, whether they are being managed by the first or a later generation of the family.


FBA’s selection committee, comprised of experienced and knowledgeable ambassadors of FBANZ, were specifically selected for their region and business size knowledge and expertise.


We have received this comment from one of the judges:

“Compu-Stor have some well documented and what appears to be well communicated strengths and values which are shared with their people and their customers. The Compu-Stor business appears to be a good succession story from dad to the two sons. The business has grown and flourished under the management of the next generation. The family “ethos” seems to permeate through their clients and their people. A great story of growth and innovation in a very difficult market while maintaining family values.”


Jeremy Manford, CEO Compu-Stor, commented,
“We are very proud of this achievement as a family business. We always strive to be a great contributor to the RIM industry and inspire other family businesses!”