How is Your Organisation Continuing to Navigate Through COVID-19?

How is Your Organisation Continuing to Navigate Through COVID-19

How is Your Organisation Continuing to Navigate Through COVID-19?

Despite high vaccination rates and restrictions easing around the country, the world is still living in a pandemic, and there continues to be an impact on organisations.


When it began, COVID in business was a complete unknown. The key priority was to ensure employees were safe while maintaining day to day operations. For some, it meant sending people to work from home. For others, they needed to find unique ways to adapt to the world and transform how they completed tasks.


Looking to the year ahead and beyond, there is likely to continue to be an information management impact as businesses continue to navigate through the pandemic while also incorporating the preferences of their employees as to how they choose to work.


Ensuring Access and Flexibility

Offices might be opening up, but not all employees are eager to return to their cubicles. Many have enjoyed the benefits that working remotely provides and aren’t willing to give this up.


It will remain important to ensure these team members stay connected to their colleagues who do return to the office. It’s also vital they can work effectively and have access to the same resources as everyone else.


Improving Governance and Business Continuity Plans

With two years of experience navigating the pandemic, businesses should have a better understanding of the information management impact and what is required to keep the company up and running.


Now that team members are working remotely, there is a requirement for more robust governance, particularly around access to data and the use of sensitive information outside of the office. It’s also an opportunity to update business continuity and disaster recovery plans to cater for these new operating rhythms.


Protecting Data and Records

A new challenge that has emerged as a part of COVID in business is the most appropriate way to manage employee health records. It could be in relation to close contact information or vaccination status.


There is a responsibility to protect employees and their wellbeing. But it’s just as critical to protect their privacy. It may require consultation from information management specialists or working with providers to come up with the most effective way to handle this sensitive information.


Maintaining Support Through COVID

With no end to the pandemic in sight, it is likely that businesses will continue to face challenges in the years to come. But with the proper support, organisations can respond faster to these issues without sacrificing quantity or quality to the products or services they provide.


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