The New Federal Integrity Agenda – Webinar Registration

The New Federal Integrity Agenda: Implications for Records and Information Management

With Simon Froude – Director-General National Archives of Australia, David Fricker
– Specialist Consultant Compu-Stor, and Anne Cornish – CEO RIMPA

As the new Albanese government settles down to business, all Commonwealth Government entities will be taking careful note of the new policy agenda, particularly as it applies to a new style of public administration promised as a pre-election commitment.

The Prime Minister has committed to the establishment of a National Anti-Corruption Commission, which in itself will have significant implications for all Commonwealth entities, however, this move is the central pillar of a wider integrity agenda for government, to ‘lift standards of integrity and accountability in the Federal government’ and ‘help restore the Australian people’s trust in the Government.’

The foundation of public accountability is records and information management; so, to fully understand the implications of this profound shift and to formulate timely strategies to respond to the Government’s agenda we are pleased to present Simon Froude, the Director-General of the National Archives of Australia. As the principal policymaker for Commonwealth Government records, Simon will be sharing his vision and policy directions that will be guiding all Commonwealth entities in the management of their information assets over the next 3-5 years. Simon will be joined in conversation by David Fricker Compu-Stor Specialist Consultant (and a former DG of the National Archives), Jeremy Manford Compu-Stor CEO, and Stephen Wellington Compu-Stor GM, with RIMPA CEO Anne Cornish as moderator.

This will be a timely and highly informative event for anyone involved in government information management or public administration more generally. This free webinar will take place on Wednesday 27th June at 1 pm AEST, and is brought to you by Compu-Stor, a family-owned Australian business specialising in information and records management solutions and services.