About Us

Compu-Stor is a family-owned Australian business specialising in information management.

About Us

Established in 1987, Compu-Stor is the largest family-owned Australian business that currently operates in the Information Management sector. We value our people who are all dedicated to ensuring we deliver to our customers. Our team are from vast backgrounds and experience which provides us with a diverse and dedicated team that believes in the company values and demonstrate them daily.

Compu-Stor was founded by Peter Manford in 1987 with several close friends who later exited the business. It's been 100% owned by the Manfords for over three decades. Now under the watchful eye of Jeremy Manford CEO, the family connection remains as the next generation continue paving the way for the future.

Jeremy's vision is to expand the business across Australia providing information management solutions and driving value to customers. We have seen many changes over the decades in business and we have embraced technologies and adapted our business to meet the requirements of our customers and the changing landscape in the digital age.

In 2017 we formed DTS (Digital Transformation Solutions) which provides specialised digital solutions to the market. Over the years we have expanded our services much further than previously possible. Our team of experts have years of experience driving innovation.

We are passionate about the industry and love what we do. We ensure our people are customer focused and enjoy helping and contributing to growth.

We are community focused with several strategies focused on helping those less fortunate. Find out more on our community page.

At Compu-Stor we value relationships and building long term partnerships with our customers. We are solution focused and love the information management industry.

Compu-Stor Values

Our values define who we are and how we operate. These values help guide us in how we approach our business decisions and our relationships with our customers, employees and suppliers.

Our core values include:

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