Off-site Media Vault

Guard against the deterioration of your media tapes & films

Compu-Stor’s climate-controlled secure media storage vault storage provides long-term preservation of media and items of historical, precious, and irreplaceable value.

Off-site Media Vault

Guard against the deterioration of your media tapes & films

Compu‐Stor’s off-site media storage vault provides a climate-controlled secure environment for the storage of media, and items of historical, precious and irreplaceable value.

Having backups of important data is of critical importance to businesses. Our secure off-site vault solutions remove the risk of data loss, and ensure compliance.

Our off-site media storage solution can include a data backup rotation service. We ensure the prompt and efficient delivery of the backup media to your premises, no matter whether it is a daily, weekly, monthly or an ad‐hoc schedule.

Key features include:

  • Storage and rotation of backup media including loading and unloading from data centres
  • Monitored climate-controlled environment to 20 degrees Celsius and 40% humidity
  • Vault doors remain locked at all times with 4-hour fire rated construction
  • Alarm detection systems – internal and external
  • Core door entrance and exit
  • Passive infrared detection systems
  • VESDA early warning alarm systems for heat and smoke detection
  • Automatic gas suppression fire systems
  • 24/7 CCTV surveillance cameras with multiple viewing monitors

Key benefits:

  • Save office space by storing off-site
  • Secure & fire protected off-site vault storage
  • Media & data management
  • Climate-controlled to prevent deterioration of media
  • Meets with strict and ever-changing regulations.
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