Audits & Compliance Reviews

Ensure you are staying ahead of your legislative obligations

Does your company understand your legislative compliance obligations when it comes to the management of your information assets?

Audits & Compliance Reviews

Ensure you are staying ahead of your legislative obligations

Information Management is about ensuring that information is available to the right person, in the right format, at the right time. Enabling the management of vital information assets can be a complicated process, and often involves a range of domains such as information governance, information asset management, information security, records management, information access, and use management.

Information management brings together a range of resources including data, information, technology, information systems, business processes, and the people tasked to deliver against the defined requirements.

But how do you ensure that the resources in place within your company are fit for purpose, effective, efficient, and compliant against the legislative obligations dictated within the sector in which you operate?

Compu-Stor offers information management health checks through audits against compliance related to the industry where you operate, providing insight into current state as well as recommending improvements that ensure compliance obligations can be satisfied.

Compu-Stor Information Management Audits include:

  • Review of current information management practices against industry best practices and information management standards
  • Review of policies, procedures, and standards used to create, store, and utilise information
  • Review of naming conventions, and information classifications aligned to information sensitivity and personally identifiable information legislation
  • Review of records retention, archiving, and disposal against Australian Records Retention guidelines
  • Review of technologies that manage information across the enterprise
  • Review of collaboration tools and processes
  • Delivery of a full audit report that includes current state findings, recommendations, and suggested corrective actions required to direct improvements to information management practices

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