Digital Mailroom

Transform your business by outsourcing your mailroom

Compu-Stor's digital mailroom solutions offer a more efficient and secure way to handle your mail. Increase productivity, maintain compliance, and reduce risks with our digital mailroom solutions.

Digital Mailroom Solutions

Save staff time and office space by outsourcing your mailroom to Compu-Stor

Compu-Stor's Digital Transformation Solutions "DTS" division can implement a mailroom solution for your business requirements by using automation capabilities which can help your organisation to significantly increase productivity, shorten cycle times, reduce overhead costs, improve visibility and compliance with standards and audits.

DTS will receive your mail under tight security surveillance at our secure scanning facility, where we open, prep, scan and index your documents. From there, we electronically route your documents directly to the intended recipient, who reviews, approves and processes them digitally.

The DTS digital mailroom service is the answer you need to get rid of paper that is endlessly – and indeed needlessly – entering your business. With the DTS digital mailroom, you can manage any documents that are taking up valuable resources and space in your business.

Safeguards business continuity

  • Even during major disruptions, operations will continue (e.g. working remotely during lockdown due to Covid-19)

Increases efficiencies

  • Removes low value manual processes
  • Expedites document processing and electronically routes mail reliably through the organisation to the right person/department.
  • Supports digital efficiencies/transformation strategies

Increases security & compliance

  • Automated workflows guarantee that all procedures are followed and documented, enabling compliance with audits and fraud prevention.

Reduces costs

  • Eliminates costs of moving, filing and storing paper documents
  • Frees up office space by reducing the space required to receive, process, sort and deliver high volumes of paper.

Increases visibility

  • Advanced analytics expose data about employee productivity, transaction volumes and areas for improvement.

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