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A suite of professional consulting services for your information management needs

Audits & Compliance

Compu-Stor provides information management audit and compliance reviews as a comprehensive validation check of an organisation’s adherence to regulatory guidelines. The output reports evaluate the strength and thoroughness of information compliance considering security policies, user access controls, risk management procedures and information classification and retention.

Policies & Frameworks

Information management policies, standards and framework are foundational elements to strong processes and good practices within an organisation. These form part of an organisation’s approach to risk management and provide guidance and points of control over operational activities to ensure that risks stay within acceptable limits. Compu-Stor can advise, develop and implement policies, standards and frameworks aligned to industry best practice and organisational operational environments.

Corporate Strategy

An organisation’s corporate information management strategy entails a clearly defined, long-term vision that seeks to create corporate value whilst motivating the workforce to implement the proper actions to deliver business objectives. Compu-Stor’s experienced experts in information and records management can assist in the design, development and implementation of your Corporate Information Management Strategy incorporating industry best practice whilst aligning to legislative compliance.

Advisory Services

With the increasing volume of information and the constant evolution of information management solutions & technology, Compu-Stor can provide bespoke advisory services to help develop recommendations of approach to information management techniques based on investigative findings and conclusions. Our Senior Advisors are also able to assist organisations with a range of challenges including the running of Business Needs Analysis workshops, the development of Skills Matrices and the undertaking of vendor selection processes through Tender evaluation.

Resource Supply

More organisations are adopting the concept of outsourced managed services to experienced partners as a way of streamlining resources whilst continuing to stay aligned to the changing environment of information management. At Compu-Stor our passion is in the ability to provide services and solutions that meet business needs whilst doing so with integrity, honesty, and commitment. Compu-Stor is able to provide personnel at all levels of experience and skill to suit the needs of your resourcing requirements.

Training & Development

Compu-Stor understands that Training is an educational process which involves the sharpening of skills, concepts, changing of attitude and gaining more knowledge to enhance the performance of personnel. Efficient and effective training helps in the development of skills and knowledge that motivates the individual whilst adding greater value to the business. Compu-Stor can develop and deliver specific information management training courses to suit organisational needs with trainers experienced in working at all levels within a business.

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