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Secure retention of education records

Compu-Stor’s digital scanning and storage solutions enable schools to comply with long-term record retention obligations across Australia. This is of critical consequence, particularly regarding records that could contain information relating to child safety and could be requested by the courts.

Securing education records through digitisation

Compliance with education records retention requirements

In Compu-Stor’s work for schools around Australia, we have learned about the requirements & importance of retaining records, some of which could also contain key information regarding child safety. In Victoria & NSW these records are now required to be retained by private schools for at least 45 years and there are similar requirements in other states. For government schools in Victoria it has recently been extended to 75 years.

Long term retention & protection of records

To prevent possible loss or damage to these key paper-based education records through usage, old age, fire or flood, we help our clients digitise these records and store digital backups off-site to ensure that they will be always accessible into the future

Privacy & integrity of the records

The sensitive nature of the content of these records makes them highly confidential and they can provide critical information in a future court case. It is therefore essential to ensure that they are not leaked, stolen, nor tampered with in any way. To help our customers avoid these risks, we provide them with secure & restricted digital access to these records and tracking.

Benefits of digitising a wider range of education records

Beyond securing the long-term retention of Child Safety records, the digitisation of other education records can bring further benefits.

Our document management software can drive efficiencies across all areas of the school such as HR, student records and payroll – including TASS integration.

We can even help schools mitigate risk through timely flags and reminders for key compliance documents such as WWC and police checks.

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