Document Storage Solutions

Secure offsite records management solutions

Compu-Stor is an Australian business that has been providing highly secure document storage solutions across Australia since 1987. Our dedicated facilities have the latest in security systems, 24/7 CCTV and monitoring.

Document Storage Solutions

Secure off-site storage for your documents

Compu-Stor offers a range of document storage solutions including, archive box storage, active file storage known as 'open shelf', pallet storage, and vault storage for your more sensitive storage requirements such as Wills and Deeds. Our storage solutions are designed to meet your particular business needs.

When you wish to free up space in your office and you want a highly efficient and cost-effective way of storing and accessing your documents, Compu-Stor has the answer. Using hand-held scanners, we provide point-to-point tracking right from the moment we pick-up your documents through to the storing of your documents in our facilities and right through to their eventual disposal in the future.

Customers can rest easy knowing that we protect their records in our secure storage facilities from environmental risks. We provide complete security by reinforced 2.5m fencing, security gates, CCTV, restricted swipe card access and fire protection.

All Compu-Stor employees are trained to ensure that records are handled with care and with the utmost security. Our staff must comply with our stringent security requirements which include signing a deed of confidentiality at the time of recruitment and obtaining a Federal Police Service clearance. In addition, they are trained in all aspects of privacy and confidentiality regarding data protection.

Employees are thoroughly trained in all aspects of privacy and confidentiality regarding data protection. We have in place a privacy policy which properly addresses the principles of the Australian Government privacy legislation.

Key Benefits

  • Full point-to-point tracking of your documents with hand-held scanners from pick up to storage
  • Highly secure storage facilities with restricted access, 24/7 security cameras and fire protection.
  • Advanced online platform (CIMS) for the management of all your records management needs.
  • Ability to provide strong governance in granting records access to the right employees and stakeholders.
  • A solution which provides cost savings, increased efficiencies, business continuity and regulatory compliance.
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