CIMS Essential

Enhanced CIMS features for records lodgement, retention, and disposal authorities

CIMS Essential package includes the lodgement data approval workflow, Retention and Disposal Authorities allocation, and tracking of loose paper inserts.

CIMS Essential

Enhanced CIMS features for records lodgement, retention, and disposal authorities


The solution provides the facility for customers to easily lodge their boxes to a national standard and to have those lodgements approved/declined by another user to ensure that the data entered by each site is accurate and done the same way. It also sends out reminder notifications when lodgement approvals are outstanding.

Retention & Disposal Authorities

The objective of the retention date defaults feature is to be able to configure a retention policy for each document type the customer is going to lodge. This will allow the user to be able to apply the retention policy for each item during the lodgement phase. The retention policy will define a set of policies the user can select and apply to the item when lodging. The CIMS platform will automatically update the Review Date Field based on the retention period for the specified disposal authority.

Loose Paper Inserts

When customers need to place documents back into files that are in storage with Compu-Stor, these loose papers are associated and tracked to corresponding files. This applies to both physical and digital records.

Key Benefits

  • Standardisation and centralisation of the customer’s box lodgement process.
  • Automatic reminders for lodgement approvals
  • Consistent automatic application of retention & disposal authorities/dates
  • Peace of mind brought by robust tracking of loose papers placed back in files

Single Sign-on and Multi-Factor Authentication

Single Sign-on is part of the new system, it is the ability of a user to login to one version of CIMS and access every warehouse or application without having to have different usernames and passwords for each. This feature is standard across everything and included in the standard CIMS.

CIMS Essentials has expanded with the addition of Azure Single Sign-on.

Azure Single Sign-on or Azure Authentication is the ability for a customer to use their Azure credentials to login to our CIMS service, typically this is their email password for their corporate email system, possibly even their own windows password. This system needs some interaction between the customers IT team and Compu-Stor to allow the setup to be used.

With Compu-Stor’s Single Sign-on we can now add Multi Factor Authentication. This can either be via the customers Azure SSO and would then be handled by the customer, but it can also be done in CIMS if the customer does not have or wish to integrate their Azure with us. This will allow the customer to use a standard MFA app like Microsoft Authenticator to prompt for a code from the user each time they login so if a password is compromised, they are still secure as the malicious party would also need access to the device that is setup for MFA.

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