CIMS Essential

Enhanced CIMS features for records lodgement, retention, and disposal authorities

Unlock the full potential of your records management system with our premium features, including Enhanced data security, Automated data capture and Automated workflows.

CIMS Essential

Premium features for increased security and efficiency

Enhanced Data Security

Our CIMS Essential package includes three security options to enhance security regardless of the level of advance of your internal IT systems.

1. Microsoft Azure/ OKTA Authenticator Integration

You can easily integrate your Authenticator with your CIMS account. This means you can use the same reliable and secure authentication method you're familiar with from other services such as Windows or Email

2. Multi-Factor Login (MFA)

Customers not currently using Azure can still benefit from enhanced security with our new MFA feature. Our new MFA feature adds another layer of protection by requiring multiple forms of verification before granting access to your account to significantly reduce the risk of unauthorised access, even if your password is compromised.

Automated Data Capture

Say goodbye to the complexities of driving standardisation, retention policies, and managing staff across multiple locations. Move instead to a streamlined lodgement and records disposal authority application.

CIMS Essential allows you to configure document types via a drop-down selection and a retention policy for each document type you lodge with us, so you no longer need a records expert to lodge records.

Our platform automatically updates the Review Date (destroy date) field based on the retention period for the specified disposal authority, ensuring compliance without manual hassle.

Automated Workflows

Stay on top of your lodgements and approvals with Compu-Stor’s notifications and reminders.

Automated Approval Process:

Receive an email notification when staff lodge items and ensure the data meets your compliance and regulatory requirements before it hits the system!

Automated Reminders:

Automated notifications help you keep track of outstanding lodgements and identify staff training requirements.

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Alternatively, you can sign up directly for CIMS Essential by completing the form in the downloadable PDF on this page and submitting it to the Customer Service team.

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