Destruction Services

Secure destruction of your confidential documents and media.

Our secure destruction services, from document and media collection to destruction, ensure that your confidential information stays confidential

Destruction Services

Secure destruction of your confidential documents and media

Just imagine the headlines or commercial damage if any of your confidential documents was not securely destroyed? Added to this is the plethora of legislation violation at both State & Federal levels, which regulate document retention and destruction, with which Australian businesses must ensure compliance.

Compu-Stor offer secure, off-site solutions to take away your documents to our state-of-the-art secure document destruction facilities, as well as bulk collection of documents for destruction. From confidential paper documents to all types of media formats and miscellaneous items, Compu-Stor offers a national comprehensive secure document destruction service.

We supply a range of purpose-built receptacles for your ongoing destruction needs provide Certificates of Destruction upon request, and guarantee confidentiality of all items.

Key Benefits

  • Secure collection and destruction of paper documents, all types of media formats and miscellaneous items
  • Compliance with State and Federal legislation on document destruction
  • Comprehensive range of purpose-built document receptacles
  • Online platform for easy request of the destruction of documents held in storage
  • Certificates of destruction available on request
  • Environmentally friendly solutions
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