Secure online interface for accessing all your electronic records

Compu-Stor provides a secure online access to all your electronic records, which it stores only in highly resilient Australian data centres.


Secure online interface for accessing all your electronic records

Compu-Stor has invested heavily in ensuring that its clients can have piece of mind when it comes to their data’s security and in ensuring ease of access to their data via CIMS Online. All client data on the CIMS platform is hosted in the Equinix SY1 and SY2 data centres which are in Australia with all the built‐in redundancies of a premium data centre.

All systems run on virtual hosts connected to shared Storage Area Network (SAN) storage, with each SAN cluster containing redundant host servers and each server having redundant disks, power supplies, and Network Interface Controllers (NICs). Each virtual server is backed up with an incremental snapshot every three hours to storage in a different location.

All internal and external communication over CIMS is forced over an industry standard Verisign (Symantec) 128-bit TLS 3.0 SSL Class 3 Secure Server CA‐G4 SSL connection. This ensures that all information transfer, including the delivery of digitised records from within CIMS to our customers, is secured from any interception.

All passwords in CIMS are hashed using a one‐way hashing algorithm. Each user’s password is hashed with a random salt to prevent brute force dictionary attacks. This also ensures that not even Compu‐Stor staff know what a customer’s password is, and we never use plain text within CIMS.

Key Benefits

  • All your data is stored in Australia
  • All your data is backed up and protected to the highest standards
  • Highly secure connection to CIMS to avoid interception
  • Robust password protocols

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