HR Document Process Services

Streamlining HR Processes

From employment onboarding, management, and termination, DTS* helps manage all key documentation, and deliver efficiencies through the automation of manual processes.

HR Document Process Services

From employment onboarding, management and termination, DTS* helps manage all key documentation and deliver efficiencies through the automation of manual processes.

Save Time

HR processes are often still manual, making them time-consuming, and error prone. DTS* saves time and reduces errors by automating the management of HR documentation and related processes with easy-to-use templates, assignments, and workflows with integrated notifications.

Decrease Risk

DTS* intelligently and automatically controls data, ensuring that content is accessible, secured, and processed how it should be. Workflow, permissions, and notification features protect data, and automate tedious processes like data retention and disposition routines. This sort of environment not only ensures that data is easily trackable, but it mitigates risk and increases quality.

Increase Visibility

Employee-related documentation is often scattered throughout the organisation, in email, in folders, and in shared network drives. DTS* centralises employee data and documentation, thereby providing visibility, control, and efficient processing of employee documents and records.

DTS* provides key benefits:

  • Supports the entire employee lifecycle.
  • Hiring - Manage and process job descriptions, resumes, and pre-hire testing documents.
  • Onboarding - Assign and track employee orientation and onboarding information and status.
  • Performance Appraisal - Simplify the management of annual performance reviews.
  • Training and Development - Manage and track professional development and certifications.
  • Records Management - Manage and retain employee records with a full audit log and version history.

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