Corporate Strategy Development

Develop your strategy for managing your information assets

Have you defined your strategy for managing information both now and into the future based on the strategic goals of your company?

Corporate Strategy Development

Develop your strategy for managing your information assets

Strategic Information Management (SIM) helps businesses and organisations categorise and process the information created, received, used, archived, and destroyed. It assists companies to recognise the opportunities in improving operations through effective and efficient analysis of information usage.

Information management strategies are plans that guide a company to keep its IM practices in sync. These plans can include the following information:

  • Current status
  • Goals for the future
  • Concrete steps to achieve those goals
  • Plans to acquire new resources
  • Processes and policies for interacting with business departments
  • Assigning responsibility for implementing and reporting each

Compu-Stor can develop your corporate information management strategy that will include a documented approach that defines:

  • Governance Framework - Identify roles and responsibilities related to the access, protection, and distribution of the organization’s data.
  • Categorised information - Information needs to be categorised to manage it according to its value and archival requirements.
  • Stored information according to its value – All mission critical information needs to be instantly accessible and should be stored according to its relevance and value.
  • Protect information according to its value –Backup important information to an alternative location daily and ensure legacy information is archived permanently offsite.
  • Data and information recovery/business continuity/disaster recovery planning – Ensure the organisation tests regularly to ensure it can overcome any potential data loss as soon as possible.
  • Access management – Ensure types of users and access rights are identified and enforced.

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