Tape Transcription and Media Remastering

Specialised tape and media data recovery, reformatting, and archival services

Transcription services include simple media reproduction, concatenation, and data recovery from modern, deteriorating, or damaged legacy tapes

Tape Transcription and Media Remastering

Specialised tape and media data recovery, reformatting, archival services

With many organisations still storing critical data on old media formats, there is an increasing urgency to transcribe this data onto new more reliable formats that can be more easily accessed with modern equipment. Compu-Stor provides a full suite of services to resolve such issues.

Tapes and media are processed through our dedicated tape transcription centre where appropriate copying, reproduction or recovery techniques are applied by trained and experienced personnel.

With the focus on storage into the Cloud being a priority for many of our customers, we are also able to prepare high density data in a ‘Cloud Ready’ format tailored specifically to the Cloud environment adopted. Our industry respected senior experts are able to work with customers to develop the required hierarchy and implement through the data output process.

Media that we handle include:

  • Analogue shot records (magnetic strips)
  • 7-track, 9-track and 21-track reels
  • 3480, 3490 and 3490E
  • 3590B, 3590E and 3590H
  • 3592-J1A, E05, E06 and E07
  • 8mm Exabyte (8200, 8500, 820, Mammoth-1 and Mammoth-2)
  • 4mm DAT (DDS1 – DDS4)
  • DLT (2000, 4000, 7000, 8000 and DLT1)
  • SDLT-1, SDLT-1.5 and SDLT-2
  • LTO1 – LTO8
  • Hard Drives, USB Drives, CD/DVD and 3.5” Floppy Disk
  • Sony AIT-1 to AIT-4
  • Other media upon request

Key benefits:

  • Maximise data recovery from legacy media
  • Ensure data retention compliance obligations are met
  • Understand the content of your media and unlock its value
  • Preserve data that would otherwise be lost
  • Transcribe from older media to modern tape technology before drives become obsolete
  • Allow industry recognised senior experts audit and quality check your media content

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