Compu-Stor Webinar 2024

Survey and Webinar to help tackle Records Management challenges

Watch the recording of the webinar!

Last week Compu-Stor ran an informative webinar entitled ‘Tackling Records Management challenges to shift the needle in 2024 – a cross-organisation challenge!’, which brought together a mix of Records Managers, Decision-Makers and Experts from the Records Management industry, who used the insights from our recent survey on this topic, to help debate & identify potential options for tackling these Records Management Challenges in 2024. Our experienced panel of speakers provided great advice and tips to better tackle these challenges. Below you will find the video recording of the webinar, the speakers’ bios and a lot of free goodies!


Nancy Taia - Compu-Stor webinar speaker


Director/Principal Consultant, Records Solutions

Nancy is a seasoned professional and the owner of Records Solutions, a reputable information management consultancy company. With over 30 years of experience in the records and information management (R&IM) industry, Nancy brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her clients. Nancy also continues to make significant contributions to the R&IM industry as a sitting member of the RIMPA Global Board of Directors, playing a crucial part in shaping the strategic direction and initiatives of RIMPA Global and the industry on a global scale.

Adam Bullock - Compu-Stor Webinar Speaker

Adam Bullock

Manager of Corporate Information Management, Metro North Health Queensland

North Health Queensland is the largest of 16 Hospitals and Health Services (HHS) that provide public health services in Queensland. Adam is an Associate Member of the Records & Information Management Professionals Australasia (RIMPA) and has over 18 years of experience in the Information Management industry. He has worked for both public and private organisations holding leadership positions. He has had experience in Local, State and Commonwealth Government, Higher Education & Aviation. Adam graduated from the University of Queensland with a B Arts (Journalism). In addition, he has completed a Diploma in Leadership Management through Victoria University and an Advanced Diploma in Recordkeeping.

Suzanne Davies

Organisational Change Management

Suzanne has over 20 years of change management and organisational development experience. She has led large-scale, complex transformational programs with private and public sectors, nationally and internationally in health, education, finance and insurance industries. She has implemented leadership coaching programs, change frameworks, assessment practices, and well-being initiatives using behavioural, clinical, and technical change interventions, applying PROSCI, P30, behavioural, action research and agile approaches. Suzanne holds the following qualifications: MBA, MSC Org Psyc, Post Grad Dip Psychology, BA, Bus Dip Change Management, Adult Educ Cert. 

Facilitated by:

Amanda Dolman - Compu-Stor Webinar Speaker

Amanda Dolman

Strategic Business Solutions Manager

Amanda will be your MC for this event and is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in business solutions and information management. As Strategic Business Solutions Manager at Compu-Stor, Amanda plays a pivotal role in helping clients manage their information management processes to drive efficiency, productivity, and growth. Amanda manages Compu-Stor’s T1 Government and large customers and holds an Ambassador position for Records and Information Management Professionals Australasia (RIMPA Global).

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Also please reach out to Amanda Dolman by calling 1300 559 778, if you would like to receive any of the following FREE offers:

  1. FREE PERSONALISED GUIDE:a free personalised guide from Compu-Stor with concrete recommendations for your specific organisation on how best to tackle your Record Management Challenges in 2024 (conditions apply*)

  2. FREE COPY OF SURVEY RESULTS: receive a copy of Compu-Stor’s survey on Tackling the Records Management Challenges of 2024, which contains insightful data on 6 key Records Management Challenges cited by the survey respondents.

  3. FREE WHITEPAPER (Coming soon):this will focus on Tackling Records Management Challenges in 2024, taking account of the learnings from the survey, the webinar discussion and additional useful resources that can provide a useful reference for those people trying to solve these challenges in 2024.

* FREE PERSONALISED GUIDE: Compu-Stor’s consultant armed with the detailed survey results and their Records Management expertise will hold a 1hr meeting face-to-face or via video call, with yourself (the Records Manager) and at least one key decision-maker from within your organisation, to discuss how best to tackle your organisation’s specific key records management challenges in 2024 (The Records Manager and their Decision-Maker need to have completed the survey beforehand). Within a week following the meeting, you will receive a bespoke guide with the key records management challenges your organisation is facing in 2024 and how best to tackle them for your organisation. Offer ends 31/05/2024.